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  1. tin man

    Hi from England

    I always knew that I had family across the pond. Welcome home cousin! :D
  2. tin man

    I just tried Wessex Burley Slice (2005)

    I have tried quite a few burleys now and for whatever reason, WBS is still my favorite. I only have three tins left from a 2007 order, and I will surely burn through one as soon as it gets good and hot this summer. (A favorite summer blend for me!) I probably should restock a few more tins for...
  3. tin man

    McConnell's Scottish Flake

    I'm pretty sure I let you try some of this stuff a few years ago.... but maybe not. Is your memory getting as bad as mine? Anyway, I think I'll put a tin of this up on deck to crack open next. It's been a while since I smoked any of it. I do remember that I liked the first tin I smoked. I guess...
  4. tin man

    The dreaded tongue-bite . . .

    Nice post. I think I need to address #6 as more of a mental reconditioning than a pipe smoking technique. When I was a kid I was always encouraged to eat everything on my plate, waste not want not, and I heard the starving kids in China lecture more than I care to remember. Even though I'm...
  5. tin man

    Do you remember Sunday night when you were a kid?

    Don't forget the vanilla wafer banana pudding! :cheers:
  6. tin man

    Cleaning pipes

    I used to be particular about using vodka as a cleaner because (1), it's safe enough to ingest and (2), it doesn't leave behind a flavor like brandy and burbon does. But now I use 91% rubbing alcohol from the local drugstore and I can't tell any difference except for the money that I'm saving by...
  7. tin man

    how many tins opened at one time

    Add that to the learning curve of a guy who's just getting started and you have a big mess to sort out . . . . :shock: :lol!:
  8. tin man

    how many tins opened at one time

    I usually have one or two that I'm working on at a time. Generally, I try to finish a whole tin before I open another of similar kind. It helps me to get a better understanding of what the heck I am really smoking and it makes it easier for me to decide what to smoke. Sometimes I need to smoke...
  9. tin man

    High Octane

    GH Dark Flake Unscented Solani Aged Burley Flake
  10. tin man

    Farewell My Friends....

    Sometimes you just gotta go and do your thang...... All the best to you brother! Be well.
  11. tin man

    Presbyterian Mixture

    Hey, I missed this one too . . . . nice job Sasquatch! I'll have to give this blend another chance because I am a little wiser now than when I smoked a tin of Presbyterian Mixture a few years ago. I doubt that I really understood the big picture or could appreciate what I did or did not have...
  12. tin man

    Why did you choose your online name (handle)?

    Cool thread guys . . . . I picked tin man because it seemed appropriate for a guy collecting a bunch of tins.
  13. tin man

    Peretti Paint Cans

    This is the second paint can warning I've seen here. I think the other one was about the Peter Heinrich cans. This thread piqued my curiosity, so I decided to inspect all of my paint this morning. ;) I have three paint cans of Heinrichs GS from 2007, and two Reiner LGF cans from 2006. No signs...
  14. tin man

    Leno vs Conan?

    1. Carson 2. Leno (I think I'm too young to remember Steve Allen . . . .)
  15. tin man

    Don't know for sure where to post this, but...

    Great article. Now I know why all the chicks dig me! :D :roll: "The coolest thing about the pipe was that it didnt even have to be filled with tobacco or even lit to be cool." and "Fred MacMurray, the ultimate Dad, had a pipe." I remember all those old Disney movies where guys walk around...
  16. tin man

    Navy Flake.

    I think about McClelland's Navy Cavendish. I bought a couple of the '95 tins from PCCA and really enjoyed them. Guess I'll have to try the Mac Baren's now to see what all the fuss is all about! As soon as someone restocks the shelf that is. A sign of the times I guess.
  17. tin man

    Peretti's "Paint Can Tins"

    Good to know. I was in no big hurry to open one up anyway. Thanks for the info!
  18. tin man

    Peretti's "Paint Can Tins"

    My curiosity is also piqued ftrplt. That's good to know Puffs. I have a couple of the Reiner cans that are 3 years old and a few Peter Heinrichs cans that are close to that. I know what's next in line for me to open.....
  19. tin man

    A question about marriage for PB

    I don't think fact and logic are the driving force of the man who maintains a successful marriage. :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  20. tin man

    A question about marriage for PB

    Dead men tell no tales. ;)