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  1. monbla256

    Does anyone smoke an Artison pipe like thia

    I can appreciate the craftmanship and artistry in this piece of wood sculpture but would you really smoke it? If so, where and when? This is just an example of some of the "Artison" pipes I've seen with some even more absurd ! Just curious ! :twisted: :twisted...
  2. monbla256

    blackhores, thought you may find this interesting

    Blackhorse I know you like to save a buck and get a value so when I read this I thought you might find it interesting. Any of you other fountain pen users here might as well. :twisted:
  3. monbla256

    For all you artison pipe buyers

    For all you Artison pipe owners heres an RV worthy of your pipes ! :twisted: :twisted:
  4. monbla256

    Any Sonnet fountain pen users out there ?

    Bought my first one, a Black lacquer w/18k M nib in 1995 and thought I'd get a Sterling Silver Cisele w/18k F nib in 1998. Both have been good writing pens with even ink flow and using the included converter hold a sufficient amount of ink. As with most modern Parker nibs they are somewhat stiff...
  5. monbla256

    Sailor 1911 Realo pen

    Having used my Red/Black Sailor 1911 standard sized fountain pen w/ 14k Music nib for awhile, and falling in love with this style of nib, I decided i wanted another Sailor! I'm a big lover of piston filler pens as well as redish color pens I found a Burgandy Sailor Realo model of the 1911 series...
  6. monbla256

    What pen/ink combo are you using today?

    All you fountain pen users ( crayon an Bic users are welcome as well are welcome as well :twisted: ) what pen/nib/ink combo are you using today? For me it is a 1956 tortoishell striped Pelikan 400NN w/a 14k OM nib and Aurora Blue/Black ink !
  7. monbla256

    Concerning Presbyterian

    It's been bandy'd about the web that Presbyterian has been pulled off the US market. I checked with SP and this is what they responded with: Hi Michael, Thank you for writing to us. Presbyterian Mixture has not been pulled from the US Market. The manufacturer of Presbyterian over the past...
  8. monbla256

    The best history of Charatan

    This is one of the most concise histories of Charatan I've read.
  9. monbla256

    Any Randall knife folks out there?

    Was going thru a box of stuff that I'd stashed away years ago and found my trusty old Randall 6 " #3 Hunter I got back around '69. Carried and used it all thru 'Nam and for several years after when I went hunting. In the box was the reciept for what I paid back then, $125.00! Found their...
  10. monbla256

    Shiny and "new" vs smoked w/ patina

    After almost 50 years of pipe smoking I realized I've become a patina pipe person. All my pipes have taken on the Patina of well use as opposed to the shiney "new" appearance they all had when I bought them. The most appearance care they get is the usual "nose oil" rub down while I smoke them...
  11. monbla256

    Day of mourning

    I propose that we have an official day of mourning for two now former giants in the 'baccy world, Dunhill and McClelland's this coming Friday, 3/9/'18. On this day, we ALL smoke ONLY blends produced by these two giants? Not just a bowl or two,unless that's all you smoke in a day, but EVERY bowl...
  12. monbla256

    Arango Balkan Supreme

    Having been a 759 smoker for 20 plus years till it disappeared I moved to the white label and it was just OK, but nowhere near the depth as 759. Stopped smoking it and moved on. Awhile back I tried some of the "new" white label and ended up throwing away the rest of the tin after just a few...
  13. monbla256

    What's your fave finish? Smooth or Blasted?

    Being retired I had some time on my hands today and laid out ALL 106 pipes I have counted the finishes on them. Seems I prefer blasted ( NOT rusticated! ) finishes to smooth with 64 of my pipes being Blasted and the rest Smooth. Just curious, what's your fave? :twisted:
  14. monbla256

    The rumor must be correct !

    All you fols have been throwing around the McClelland is closing rumor are right I thin!! I just got 6 tins of their va's and opened them to jar them up and there was NO evidence of catsup in ANY of them !! They must have sold out and somebody else is blending their 'baccy and is not using McC's...
  15. monbla256

    Dating Charatans

    Found this over on Pipedia and thought it might be of interest to some here! :twisted:
  16. monbla256

    Need a Tac pipe !

    Anyone have any ideas about a Tactical Pipe that one can buy for $19.95 shipping? One that I can run over with my Hummvee, put on fire, freeze it , and if I order it today I get a SECOND one FREE !! I figure if they sell all the "TACTICAL" things on TV surely there is a "TACTICAL PIPE" ...
  17. monbla256

    You thought it was bad here

    Try living in India !! :twisted:
  18. monbla256

    Found some old friends

    Was in a closet in a back bedroom and found a shoe box on the top shelf. Pulled it down to see what shoes were in it and WOW ! wasn't shoes but 10 pipes and three un-opened tins of 'baccy.!! The three tins were 50g Royal Yacht I'd bought back in 2000! And the pipes were 5 Charatan Specials, 1...
  19. monbla256

    Remington Arms

    Looks like buidness may be the end of this supplier of guns. Don't need the gov't to do it, $ will always ! :twisted: :twisted:
  20. monbla256

    Jazz great plays his last tune

    The South African trumpeter, Hugh Masekela has passed. His unique sound in jazz will be missed.