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  1. Puff Daddy

    The passing of a hero.

    Patrick F Mcmanus, the outdoor humorist who motivated many a young boy to tramp onward into the outdoors and cherish the mishaps that will undoubtedly unfold, has passed away. The world will be a lesser place without him  :cry...
  2. Puff Daddy

    Saints Vikings game last night

  3. Puff Daddy

    Next blend, next lovat.

    Davidoff Scottish mixture in a Peterson lovat. Great pipe, interesting blend. First bowl, too soon to form any sort of opinion, but it's not bad at all.
  4. Puff Daddy

    A nice surprise

    Dug up a tin of MacBaren Mixture from 2006. It took me years to groove the slow cadence needed to enjoy these Danish cavendish tobaccos. I now can actually get a lot of pleasure from them rather than the harsh smoke and tongue bite that rapid puffing produces. Turns out this is a really nice and...
  5. Puff Daddy

    Mayweather Mcgregor fight

    Well I guess that'll shut up all the dummies who actually thought an MMA grappler was going to get in the boxing ring and handle an actual boxing champion. Your boy got knocked the f*"! Out :cheers: What was even funnier was listening to the commentators during the fight in the early rounds...
  6. Puff Daddy

    How I will be starting my 3 day weekend

    First thing tomorrow morning. Too tired to appreciate it right now. Mailman came just in time.
  7. Puff Daddy

    Show off your favorite pipe!

    Here's one we haven't done in a while, and things are always changing, so it's time to have another go. Show off your favorite pipe! Or pipes. I know many won't be able to narrow it down to just one. Maybe one from each category in your collection, or whatever. Just show off what thrills you...
  8. Puff Daddy

    First vintage, Parker 51

    I'd been eyeing these for some time. Figured my first vintage would be either a 51 or a Schaeffer Balance. Really I've been just patiently waiting for one to pop up at a good price in great condition. The two 51 models that appeal to me most are the Dove Grey and the Burgundy with rolled gold...
  9. Puff Daddy

    Paper question

    Does anyone have any ideas for a good paper sold in some form of bulk? I picked up some handwriting theory and practice books (spencerian penmanship theory and workbooks, italic writing book) and want to use my fountain pens on decent paper to practice with, but the few Rhodia books I have are...
  10. Puff Daddy

    A couple nice surprises.

    I forget what thread it was but we were discussing pipe lighters and I mentioned the Vector butane insert for Zippo lighters. I knew about them but didn't own one. I seldom use my Zippos because I find the standard Zippo fuel (taste, evaporation, poor char lights) unsatisfactory. So in the name...
  11. Puff Daddy

    A corncob pipe endorsement, they got it right.

    I've owned several Missouri Meerschaum cobs over the years and always felt they were more novelty than useful smoking instrument. Not that the cobs themselves weren't perfectly acceptable for pipeweed combustion, but those awful little stems they put on them were so bad it threw any notion of...
  12. Puff Daddy

    Bulldog day

    Got an unusual weekday off today so I went a' lookin for somethin good to smoke. Dug out some 2006 FVF and a pair of bulldogs. So, a random post on bulldogs :)  Feel free to join in and share. This is a shape I intended to begin a collection of, but I'm such a picky SOB and somewhat limited on...
  13. Puff Daddy

    Cargo Hold, Poulsbo, Wa

    I'd been meaning to post this for a while, but since I got back I've been working ridiculously long hours. My daughter got married the last week of June so We schlepped the kids 800 miles north for a few days stay in Gig Harbor Washington where we rented a vacation house with my brothers family...
  14. Puff Daddy

    I just realized something....

    McClelland doesn't make a red virginia flake :scratch: I have been messing about mixing 2035 dark navy flake with other McClelland ginyweed (so far mixing it with 22 is producing the best results) and in the vein of their Red and Black I went looking (hopefully) for a bulk or tinned straight...
  15. Puff Daddy

    First negative Ebay incident in a long time.

    I buy and sell a few things on Ebay. I have something like 400 transactions since I signed up a dozen years or so ago. There has been a time or two when I wasn't completely thrilled with something but for the most part it's been just fine, both as a seller and a buyer. Most people seem to be...
  16. Puff Daddy

    Talent back then was really talent.

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe>
  17. Puff Daddy

    I wonder if it is? If my German is correct, it must be good :lol:
  18. Puff Daddy

    Is my smart phone spying on me?

    A few days ago I went into a mens clothing store, few hours later there are spam advertisements in my email from them. I don't subscribe to their email list. Then I went into a big chain grocery store I rarely frequent and again email ads a few hours later. Today I visited a flyshop in town to...
  19. Puff Daddy

    Prohibition pipes (Moonshine pipes)

    If I wasn't tapped out I'd snap one of these up in a heartbeat. No affiliation, don't even know the dude, but damn, what beauties! And at $119 how can you go wrong?
  20. Puff Daddy

    The nosewarmer trend and a Peterson pipes success story.

    I think the first nosewarmer mention I recall was many years back when Greg Pease posted photos on his website of the Castello shape 10, and then in the forum buzz that followed. I really liked those but never managed to get one (back when I was buying pipes of that pay grade). Since then it...