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  1. Tennessee Dave

    Goodbye brothers

    Hello friends. Thanks for the sharing of photographs, pipes, tobacco reviews, and information. Though my time with you has been short, I value the enrichment you all have brought to my life. I especially want to thank those who have reached out with well wishes and concerns for my family. My...
  2. Tennessee Dave

    A few in today

    TAD hit me a bit. Didn't have the Chacom #4 that I am anxious to try.
  3. Tennessee Dave

    Eltang in today

    I've wanted an Eltang for some time. Finally pulled the trigger. This particular pipe is not one that I would usually chose because it is a Rhodesian and it is smaller(5 1/8") than most of my pipes. That being said I fell in love with the thing the minute I saw the photos on the website...
  4. Tennessee Dave

    A couple in today.

  5. Tennessee Dave

    New pipe knife.

    Just picked up this Joseph Rogers pipe knife. I like it a lot.
  6. Tennessee Dave

    Been away for a long time

    Hi all. I have been away a LONG time. Got caught up in life and got away from my pipes. Didn't help that I caught the cigar craze especially Cubans. A few weeks ago I cleaned and polished the pipes and got some well aged tobacco from the bunker. One advantage of not smoking pipes regularly...
  7. Tennessee Dave

    Back after a long absence

    Good to be back. Look forward to catching up.
  8. Tennessee Dave

    GLP Cumberland 2002

    To whomever placed this in the current BoB boxpass let me just say THANKS. Wow! This one has been on my TAD list but this was my first experience with it. The gush of air escaping from the tin upon opening was simple incredible. The best way I can describe the aroma is to tell you to imagine...
  9. Tennessee Dave

    Bought us a toy

    Well I went out this past Monday and bought a Play Station 3 and a couple of games. At age 59 I didn't think that I would enjoy it as much as I have. I got Madden NFL and a RPG called Dragon Age that I love. Anyone else my age enjoy these game systems? If you do and you have any game...
  10. Tennessee Dave

    Huge thanks to Winslow

    Just finished a bowl of Solani Aged Burley from a sample that Winslow sent me. He was very generous with the sample and I had more than enough to determine that this is one that needs to be in my rotation. Thanks Steve for introducing me to this fabulous tobacco. :cheers:
  11. Tennessee Dave

    Passion for Pipes Archives Are Available Again

    Looks like the Archives are available again. :cheers:
  12. Tennessee Dave

    Smokers Forum Closing Down

    Just read on SF that it will be closing down at some unstated time in the future. I know some members here also post there. Interesting as it has been around a long time.
  13. Tennessee Dave

    You Guys are a baaad influence

    I mean, I am already tempted daily by the Pipe dreams, the baccy reviews and Lord knows what else then I have to read this shaving thread. Cost me a badger brush, a Merkur DE razor, blades, and 6 soaps from Mama Bear. Wife is in the process of throwing me a scuttle down in the workshop now...
  14. Tennessee Dave

    Shaving soap recommendation/source

    Well it seems as if the local drugstore is not carrying the old Williams shaving soap anymore. Any recommendations for a good soap and where I can order it on the internet would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Tennessee Dave

    Sad News

    Just read that pipemaker Bjarne Nielsen died last night of a heart attack. Sad news indeed and a real loss. My prayers are with his loved ones.
  16. Tennessee Dave

    Wahoo! Got my new Rad Davis today

    Just opened the package and my what a beauty. I bought the red mahogany blasted bent brandy (pipe #1046) that can be seen on Rad's website under Gallery. What a beautiful pipe. If I sound as if I am proud, hehe I am. Thanks Rad! :pipe:
  17. Tennessee Dave

    Hello from Eastern Tennessee

    Just wanted to say hello. Just got into pipes in the last 6 weeks or so. Man what an exciting journey it has been! Only have 2 Briars and a Meerschaum right now so I am working on building a decent rotation. I have managed to accumulate and experience a number of tobaccos in this short...