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  1. Puff Daddy

    Super Bowl Feb. 7, 2021

    An hour of shameful pre-game social pandering followed by 90 minutes of actual good football, followed by a horribly pathetic attempt of a halftime show trying in a most untalented manner to marry bad music with misguided social commentary, followed by a solid beatdown by an old man. NFL, the...
  2. Puff Daddy

    Puff Daddy - happy birthday on ya!

    I’m late to my own party! Thanks everyone!! 8)
  3. Puff Daddy

    Puff Daddy - Happy Birthday!

    Thanks fellas!
  4. Puff Daddy

    Friday Night Whiskey Tasting

    How does it work in Oregon? Is it one of those things where it’s state licensed stores only, and that’s the only way to get the stuff? I guess I’m lucky here (can’t say that very often, California sucks). The booze warehouse that is Total Wine and Spirits has probably 200 different bottles of...
  5. Puff Daddy

    Friday Night Whiskey Tasting

    Aberlour and The Glenlivet are separate companies and separate distilleries but both are owned by parent company Pernod Ricard, so I’m guessing the Aberlour Glenlivet bottling you’re looking at is a special offering. A lot of independent companies will buy quantities of different malts from...
  6. Puff Daddy

    Friday Night Whiskey Tasting

    Glenfiddich and Highland Park 12 are both fine malts but you’ll find them to be in the same range as the the other tame, widely available generic malts. They are unassuming, pleasant and down the middle, but rather one trick ponies. You might want to consider venturing into a peated Islay and a...
  7. Puff Daddy

    Friday Night Whiskey Tasting

    Monkey shoulder is on my short list to try. It’s a malt blend, not a single malt but not cut with other cheaper grains. Sounds good, price is good. I’m presently working on a bottle of Naked Grouse which is also a blended malt that is finished in first fill sherry (casks? Vats? Not sure about...
  8. Puff Daddy

    What to Feed a Wide Mouth Bowl

    Try rolling up some flake tobacco (Stokkebye Luxury Twist flake or Navy flake, for example, nothing too strong) and dont try to pack the bowl too full. Just ease a nice plug of loosely wadded up flake (not too tight) into the chamber and smoke it nice and slow, just keep her smoldering. You’ll...
  9. Puff Daddy

    My cellar and questions

    The larger jars are great for long term storage, I have some I’ve popped after a decade and the tobacco is perfect. In fact I’ve found that tobacco seems to age better when stored in larger quantities and in larger vessels than in smaller ones. The only thing to be concerned with is once you’ve...
  10. Puff Daddy

    Discord Chat

    OK, one more question then. We already have a chat feature at the bottom of the home page, nobody ever seems to use it. How would this be different?
  11. Puff Daddy

    Discord Chat

    For those of us non tech savvy mortals, can you explain what this app is, how it works, any negatives? I just looked at the download page for it in the Apple app store and it says it is a gaming voice and text app. Usually anything gaming I walk away from.
  12. Puff Daddy


    By the way, have you seen your old pal Leroy around? Ain’t seen him in ages. Figure he’s been layin low somewhere in the deep south, waitin til the time was right to come out and whup some ass.
  13. Puff Daddy


    Hey JP! Welcome back man!! Hope all is well in your world, glad to see you back.
  14. Puff Daddy

    What was your outside temperature this morning?

    My sympathies to you frozen brothers. Having to live here in the People’s republic of Kalifornia is miserable, but one of the very few advantages is the mild winter climate. For the past week I have been able to sit next to the wide open sliding glass door and smoke a pipe while sipping my 4 am...
  15. Puff Daddy

    Post a special Christmas photo...of yourself!

    Me at my Christmas best:
  16. Puff Daddy

    Any Downton Abbey fans here?

    I love the series. The wife and I watch it all the time. Can’t wait for the upcoming movies. I did not know there were books. Did the books precede the television series?
  17. Puff Daddy

    Peterson Fisherman Lovat

    I have that same pipe. It is the shape 53, shank is shortened slightly, with a shorter stem in an acrylic cumberland pattern. Outstanding smoker and a very comfortable nosewarmer pipe to clench. These first appeared on a couple of Italian etailers sites a couple years ago. Peterson released...
  18. Puff Daddy

    Savinelli Ultra Billiard

    One too many digits. Should read $148, not $1480. That's a problem for a company that sells 90% of it's pipes in the ~ $100 range, you see them try to sell one for 10 times that and the overwhelming reaction is "Oh hell no...".
  19. Puff Daddy

    Two Rules.

    Unfortunately the most common answer is "He didn't give answer #2!"
  20. Puff Daddy

    Two Rules.

    There are two kinds of people in the world. 1: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.