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  1. puros_bran

    What's your posting history?

    There's a few that's been around here for 12 years. I'm glad someone mentioned the old home board at Knox.   I lived vicariously through my stepfather at Stokers, then Knox, then here.   I've memberships in dozens of forums but theres only 2 that's ever felt like a home.
  2. puros_bran

    Broken Pipe: Mark (I'm not sure where to put this.)

    That absolutely crushes my spirit. Mark was an above and beyond good guy. He will be severely missed.
  3. puros_bran

    It’s been about 10 years...

    Yarnie, A member here that was a Stokers member has my Pops Stokers Haven POY that Kurt Bosi made. Last week I shipped another Bosi Pipe lthat was made at the same time as the POY to my nephew. Jr>Stokers>Knox>BoB. The spirit is still much alive, new friends are made as the old pass on.
  4. puros_bran


    Thanks brew.
  5. puros_bran


    Ozark, it's a long shot but a third wave of Meade Co Kentuckians put convoys on the road this morning headed for the area. If you pm me her name, maybe they'll run across her. It's killing me to sit this one out. Katrina broke my heart but it also made me feel alive like I never have before or...
  6. puros_bran

    Nightcap Like No Other or a Charlatan??

    It's probably Sutliffs Tobacco Gallaria Nightcap.
  7. puros_bran

    Any of you guys into cap and ball revolvers?

    Richard, there's some nice Rugers out at the moment. Several new-ish combos of grip frame, bbl length, caliber, finish. I picked up a Tyler Gunworks color case hardened Ruger Bearcat, and a Lipsys Ruger Flattop 44special, 4.6inch, Bisley this week. Oh and a Belgium Browning Light Twelve. The...
  8. puros_bran

    estate pipe sellers list

    I haven't updated it in sometime but...
  9. puros_bran

    Attention! Possible New Sub-Forum Poll

    It was intended as humor. I was trying to say I think this whole idea was yours and you should get a say in the name. If I'm mistaken, apologies.
  10. puros_bran

    Attention! Possible New Sub-Forum Poll

    If I had actually read Carlos post instead of jumping in with both feet I wouldn't have repeated most of his sub-forum inclusions and think I was accomplishing something. I like Pen & Parchment quite a bit myself. Doing a search the only thing I see we could possibly be 'infringing on' is the...
  11. puros_bran

    Local Knife Show, entered one of my custom made...

    I like that one, a lot. FWIW, I do look at the knife threads, custom jobs or otherwise. I just don't comment all the time. "I like that one a lot" may be a slight ego boost or perhaps offer the comfort of peer acceptance, but it doesn't communicate much else. I really do wish we had a...
  12. puros_bran

    Attention! Possible New Sub-Forum Poll

    I vote yes but it is conditional. The other pen guys have to help find all the pen posts that will need migration. I just hit, "view topics since last visit" so I catch most stuff when it's active, but I do admit having any topic categorized makes it easier to navigate old threads. Can we...
  13. puros_bran

    I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.

    Cart I wouldn't have taken a true, big, ole, tough, Texan as a fur ball owner. :D :lol: :P :P :P I'm just ragging on you. That little Yorkie I pictured pretty much owns me. I've said I hate little dogs my whole life, did everything but kick the girl child out of the house for dragging him...
  14. puros_bran

    Ford Focus.

    I can pick the lemon out of a lot full of cars that will hold up for half a million miles. I do appreciate those that took time to add some input. The irony of Hampster steering folk from Dodge is I went to Dodge after I finally threw my hands in the air arguing with Ford about them needing...
  15. puros_bran

    Ford Focus.

    Because it's an older car and the labor alone cost more than the car. Plus it needs a new water pump, plus it needs....and plus it needs it needs a.. You know how old cars are. The Bro in law is a mechanic, got a tool box longer and more expensive than most pickups. The problem is...
  16. puros_bran

    Ford Focus.

    I did in fact look at CR and also Edmunds. I was just curious if perhaps someone on the board had real live experience to share.
  17. puros_bran

    Ford Focus.

    Does anyone here own a 2012-2015 Ford Focus? Happy? Pissed off? Etc.. All the dealerships here are flooded with them, lease trade ins I guess. Just found out our second car is totaled due to a cracked head so I've started looking...
  18. puros_bran

    Secret Santa 2016

    We always have Arky. The post office gets upset if we don't. We had a member that skirted that by writing in Japanese. Lol.
  19. puros_bran

    I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.

    Best friend that is. I'm a member of a defensive firearm forum. In a thread titled "Best Quote" I ran into this... "He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it...
  20. puros_bran

    Favorite Pizzeria Pizza?

    Cart, My Grandfather was severely wounded in Italy during WW2. So naturally he married a 1st gen Italian-American girl when he came home. All of their children were just regular old American. To granny's way of thinking you only get to hyphenate your citizenship if you had at some point...