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  1. AJ

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    SG St. James Flake in a carved no name bull cap with a straight Cumberland stem that was made for me by Todd Harris. :) AJ
  2. AJ

    Happy Birthday Blackhorse

    Happy Birthday Dave. AJ
  3. AJ

    All Tomorrow's Sales

    I agree with Zeno. I have more tobacco than I’ll ever live long enough to smoke, but when I see all these great deals there is a lot of pressure for me to buy more. Yes I went so far as to put several tins HH Acadian Perique and Old Dark Fired in the cart. Fortunately I was able to beat down the...
  4. AJ

    Happy birthday, Fr_Tom

    Happy Birthday Tom. I hope it’s the best and that you have many more to come. :) AJ
  5. AJ

    Happy Birthday AJ!!

    Thanks so much you guys. You kind wishes have warmed the heart of this old man. I catch up by reading the posts fairly regularly but so often I feel to poorly to post. Some serious health issues still plague my life but I’m maintaining with the Lord’s help. I cannot begin to express how much I...
  6. AJ

    Allyby It’s Your Birthday

    Happy Birthday! Hope it’s the best ever! AJ
  7. AJ

    Petition to Stop Interstate Online Sales Taxes

    ^^^^^This +1^^^^^. AJ
  8. AJ

    Petition to Stop Interstate Online Sales Taxes

    Signed. :) AJ
  9. AJ

    For all you artison pipe buyers

    When I see some RV with that kind of price tag, the first thing that enters my mind is how many nights I could stay in the best hotels around the world. I can fly anywhere or be driven anywhere in the worlds finest cars and have plenty of money left over to buy pipes and tobacco. I’ll pass on...
  10. AJ

    Secrets for a happier marriage

    As long as you can convince your body it’s true then by all means go for it. :) AJ
  11. AJ

    Secrets for a happier marriage

    Come June of this year we will have been married 46 years. :cheers: AJ
  12. AJ


    It’s good to read that John has made enough progress that he can get out and enjoy sushi. Thanks Scottie for letting us know. :) AJ
  13. AJ

    Tin Rusting on some GLP tins 2002-2004

    Thanks Walt, I followed the link you sent me and fortunately I don’t have any tins from that far back. :) AJ
  14. AJ

    Secrets for a happier marriage

    Excellent advice! I might add never discuss any arguments with family or friends. This forces them to take sides and they will learn to like one and despise the other. What happens in the home stays in the home. If there is any type of abuse and you can’t work it out between yourselves then talk...
  15. AJ


    Had an easy almost flawless transaction. The flaw was the PO in Chicago. They sent the package to the wrong PO that returned it to the Chicago PO to correct their mistake. This added  a few days to the shipping time but the fault was not Andy’s doing. I received the package today and now all is...
  16. AJ

    Happy birthday, Fight'n Hampsters!

    Happy Birthday Young Man! I hope this day brings you lots of joy and peace. May you have many many more. :) AJ
  17. AJ

    Tomorrow I prepare for...

    Not trying to sell anything old boy. Just stated my choice. I had one done a couple of years back and all was ok. I had told my doctor to look close because if everything was clear I wasn’t going to do it again. After the procedure he told me, due to my age, another one shouldn’t be necessary...
  18. AJ

    Why Strang Isn't Currently Made.

    Seem like the dominos keep falling. :scratch: AJ
  19. AJ

    Tomorrow I prepare for...

    I dunno, I think I’d rather give a breech birth to an adult porcupine than go through the prep for another colonoscopy. I’ve had my last one. Good luck to all that have to endure the misery. :no: AJ
  20. AJ

    What are you listening to?

    Listening to some old time Mountain Music streaming through Pandora on my new iPad and I’m listening through a set of Sony MDR - 8500 headphones. Mostly the old hymns and Gospel songs of my youth being played on dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, autoharp, mandolin, guitar, banjo, fiddle, and string...