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    Smash yer piggy banks boys......

    Thats more than my first THREE cars AND a motorcycle cost me....
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    Straight Grain or Cross Cut? Does Grain Matter?

    Doesn't affect the smoke at all IMO. Purely pretty look!
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    DIY Canning of Tobacco

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    DIY Canning of Tobacco

    So this is a bit off topic....but can you just take a mason jar, fill it, put the lid on, and screw the ring on as tight as possibly and still create an adequate seal?
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    The more I look at Don Carlos Pipes...

    I started the thread!!! lol
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    The more I look at Don Carlos Pipes...

    Or send it to me! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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    Your 2009 "Want List" ????

    I have so many wants that are just way out of reach. Tinsky Howell Dejarnett Roush Rad Davis Pohlmann old dunhill and ashton...the old ones that were actually good As Far as tobacco who knows. I'm still figuring out what i do and don't like.
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    Colibri Goes Out of Business

    I've had 2 Colibris that have broken within 2 months. I use matches now. I got sick of always playing around with the right fuel, adjusting the flame, electro ignitor, etc.
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    What is similar to Grousemoor

    anyone else weigh in on this?
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    Shiner Bock

    mmmmmmmmmmmm IPA's. gooooooooood stuff. Have you ever had Troegs Nugget Nectar. Technically an Imperial Amber, but at 93ish IBU's its quite amazing.
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    What is similar to Grousemoor

    A friend of mine smoked a bowl of it tonight and absolutely loved the stuff. He commented that it reminded him of incense. So I guess I have 2 questions. 1.) What would that tobacco/incense taste have been? I'm still learning a lot, but i've looked at the blend and if I were to guess, I'd...
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    Kilted1\'s Blends

    dang, 6 pounds of tobacco!!!???!!! I buy like 2 oz at a time from my local! lol
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    Kilted1\'s Blends

    great looking recipes. I might have to try to blend a few of these up if I can find the ingredients!
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    What is your favorite cigar?

    Just the thought of smoking one makes me drool. I'd love to try one. I'm a huge fan of the Belicoso Fino and Petit Corona.
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    Charles Fairmorn Tobaccos

    Can't say I've heard of the to do some research!
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    What are you smoking?

    Smoked some marlin flake in a Mario Grandi poker, then a bit of orlik golden slice in a GBD straight billiard
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    My Humble Stash

    The Fiery Cross. I LOVE that pipe
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    Jobey Pipes
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    Another "Who Made That Pipe Quiz"

    Dang, it looks like that one in the pic you have in your window....i figured it couldn't be that easy lol
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    Another "Who Made That Pipe Quiz"

    Kurt Balleby is the maker!