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  1. daveinlax

    The Las Vegas Intl Pipe Show 2022

    Just a quick Las Vegas Intl Pipe Show 2022 Update! We've had a great response to the show. We've Posted an Updated Room Block under the Hotel Reservation tab at Our first block sold out quickly and we're anticipating The Palace Station will be sold out so I'd encourage you to...
  2. daveinlax

    The Las Vegas Intl Pipe Show 2022

    We Are Now Taking Table, Awards Dinner and Show Admission Reservations in addition to Room Reservations for The Las Vegas Intl Pipe Show Oct 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2022 at The Palace Station at
  3. daveinlax

    Mountain Lion Sighting.

    WoW! Definitely a sight to see! We've heard of a couple of sightings in our neighborhood in SoAZ. I wonder if it has to do with so many of us being away for the summer that their more comfortable to roam the deserted streets and yards?
  4. daveinlax

    The Las Vegas Intl Pipe Show 2022

    The Las Vegas Intl Pipe Show 2022. "A Bowl Full of Memories" Web Site and Hotel Reservation Update. The Web page will continue to be a work in progress but we're live at Las Vegas International Pipe Show You are now able to reserve rooms at our discounted rate from our site or...
  5. daveinlax

    Format and device for carrying around music?

    I’m an IPhone guy.
  6. daveinlax

    Vegas 2022 Save The Date!

    It's official Brian and I signed the contract together in Chicago! Save The Date For Vegas! Palace Station Las Vegas October 21st -October 23rd 2022 The West Coast Pipe Show is now the Las Vegas International Pipe Show and we have locked down the dates so mark your calendar, you will not want...
  7. daveinlax

    The West Coast Pipe Show 2022 is Back!!!!

    I was hoping for an announcement by Chicago but we are still negotiating with The Palace Station for the show to be held on October 22nd and 23rd 2022.
  8. daveinlax

    Any Downton Abbey fans here?

    We enjoyed the movie! The theater was packed!
  9. daveinlax

    worst candy?

    Neco Wafers! I was reminded of this awful candy when I saw a Instagram post today that pictured a package with a perfectly matching pipe stem. Loved the stem, hate the candy!
  10. daveinlax

    The West Coast Pipe Show 2022 is Back!!!!

    I’m very excited to put this out and proud to be partnering with Brian Levine on making it happen! West Coast Pipe Show 2022 Is Back!!!!!! Thats right, it is time to brush of your blue suede shoes and get ready to return to Las Vegas. Thank you to Steve O'Neill and Marty Pulvers for allowing...
  11. daveinlax

    Doug Erwin has passed.

    OMG, Very Sad News. RIP
  12. daveinlax

    Are we training ourselves to be attention deficit?

    Yes! My phone is an excellent ADD trainer. Clicks hold my attention for 10/15 seconds max spending a minute on something is like reading a novel.
  13. daveinlax

    Leg of Lamb?

    I’ve tried to like leg-o-lamb and even roasted/smoked on the grill I just don’t.
  14. daveinlax

    Anybody planning a Spring or Summer fun trip yet?

    Mrslax is getting her knees replaced this summer so other than a couple of weeks baking in the sun in SoAZ I only have long weekend pipe shows in Chicago, Columbus, KC and Las Vegas planned.
  15. daveinlax

    are you fickle or what?

    I’m a brand/shape collector and as I advance it’s harder but more satisfying to fill holes in the collection. I’m buzzing because I filled a hole last week that will probably take a month to get from Italy.
  16. daveinlax

    Masks Are Disappearing

    People are still masking here in SoAZ. When I go shopping unmasked I’m definitely in the minority. I haven’t been back to WI since the holidays but nobody was still wearing a mask unless you were going to a heath care facility.
  17. daveinlax

    Hacks, hints, tips, and accessories for smoking while driving?

    I’m dangerous behind the wheel with a pipe. It’s to fussy and distracting. I stick with cigars when I’m driving!
  18. daveinlax

    Do You Often Eat In Restaurants?

    Other than in health care facilities the pandemic has been over for us about two years now. We eat out, take out or drive through way more than we cook.
  19. daveinlax

    "Sunshine Protection Act"

    I live 6/6 in SoAz and WI. We keep our bedroom cool and blacked out so as not to loose sleep we when the sun rises at 5:00 am.
  20. daveinlax

    Eames Lounge Chair

    What chair is that? We were discussing it on another board awhile back and I looked it up then can’t remember the name now.