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  1. oldmansmokingpipe

    no tv 3 days no internet 2 days

    storms were so bad people without electricity and i was out of tv 3 days and internet 2. just came back on. I see Speedy pete had another tirade against me edited out by a mod. Seriously not sure why this guy is targeted me - and hope some of you good guys would have commented to the mods...
  2. oldmansmokingpipe

    Abingdon - Revisiting a Old Friend

    Abingdon - Revisiting a Old Friend I started smoking a pipe in 1968 and I was very lucky to have found latakia within about a month or so of starting.  Within a week of finding latakia, I found Balkan Sobranie white label.  after about 2 weeks or so I found the magical Balkan Sobranie No. 759...
  3. oldmansmokingpipe

    google sucks - track and spy...

    i have been using duckduckgo search engine for years - check it out - no tracking you or other stuff. fair search results - not bought/paid for proprietary results.
  4. oldmansmokingpipe

    consistency of Sam gawith

    well as stated in an earlier review - i finally tried some Samuel Gawith - the winter time and commonwealth - Bought 2 tins of each. the first tin of Commonwealth has some decent latakia and had a nice aroma and decent taste - though too light for me. The tin i opened last night smelled of...
  5. oldmansmokingpipe

    Just a thank you!

    Well - I just wanted to say thanks to some of the brothers here who have been good people since i found my way back to BOB. It is a nice vibe! Best to you all!
  6. oldmansmokingpipe

    old Stanwell Danish Sovereign pipes

    anyone have any clues as to the date period of these Danish made pipes? 60's? 70's? 80's? I heard that the new stanwells are made in England or Italy. This is clearly danish made. Pipepedia has no info. Reason - recently picked up an estate for $60. It smokes better than many of the...
  7. oldmansmokingpipe

    Ralph Stanley dies. Bluegrass pioneer and legend.

    surprised no one posted about this. great music came out of this man! a loss.
  8. oldmansmokingpipe

    good place to get good coffee not affiliated with them at all - but i have used them for a number of years now. love a pot or two of coffee and a couple to few bowls of tobacco in the early A.M.. magnificent.
  9. oldmansmokingpipe

    Any Linux users?

    Just curious - anyone using linux? which distro(s)? Why do you use linux? What other opensource apps do you run?
  10. oldmansmokingpipe

    Gaslight - Looking Back

    Gaslight - Looking Back Well, I reviewed Gaslight soon after it was released, and absolutely fell in love with it. That was my Holy Grail after Balkan Sobranie No. 759 Black Label of the 60's, 70's, and 80's. (Along with the original Bengal Slices.) I always considered 759 to be my...
  11. oldmansmokingpipe

    A Combo Review

    A Combo Review Sorry for this mixed and hodge-podge review; but some background is needed and also one trial went into another which merged to create a rather nice combination of blends.  I was lucky that about 2-3 weeks after starting pipe smoking at 15, I found Latakia.  I remember trying...
  12. oldmansmokingpipe

    Brebbia pipe nail

    I found these to be the best despite a wide variety of bought and handmade ones that I have had. the square end has to be rotated to get all around the bowl, but it works nicely. simple and elegant tool. Wish they may have made the square head come to a more rounder end - but for what it is -...
  13. oldmansmokingpipe

    Samuel Gawith Commonwealth and Winter Time

    has anyone tried these? is Samuel Gawith tobacco good quality? ssory for the dumb question - i believe it is from what i read. also which has the more darker deeper Latakia of the 2. are they both good?
  14. oldmansmokingpipe

    old member talked about smoking meers outside huntingcamping

    i looked and cannot find the thread. I was curious as to smoking meers outside in the winter in a shed - I did do it to one of my really good signed meers by Baglan. Never had an issue. But hate to do it to my 2 last meers and esp the large rare one i have. may have to pick up a danish...
  15. oldmansmokingpipe

    New Bengal Slices - a quick review

    New Bengal Slices Where to begin… Well, I know this tobacco intimately - yes the original version from mid to late 70's. I smoked literally a truckload and no exaggeration. My other daily smoke - and that was truckloads - was the original Balkan Sobranie 759 Black label. That was all I smoked...
  16. oldmansmokingpipe

    been a while...

    was a member a while ago - and i do not remember my user name. been a strange couple of years, but came back to the fold. a question i do have is that it seems like the 2 forums i used to belong are very slow to dead even. what is happening?