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  1. Slow Puffs

    Annual Christmas Cheer Toast

    Greetings All, Just opened Christmas Cheer 2006 and wanted to drop by to wish all a well and happy season and merry Christmas and toast you all. In March of 2013, I experienced health problems with heart issues so I've been inactive, but graduallly getting better :) . Damn side affects of...
  2. Slow Puffs

    Peyton Who?

  3. Slow Puffs

    Enjoying the Cellar

    I'm at the stage where I am simply enjoying my cellar  :D  I no longer buy a lot of tobacco. Now I can simply look through what I have and open something that triggers a memory or simply looks appealing. It's a wonderful stage to reach. A couple of days ago, I discovered (rediscovered)...
  4. Slow Puffs

    Annual Christmas Cheer Toast to Bob

    Each year as we enter December, I open a tin of Christmas Cheer to toast the BoB. This year the tin is from 2007. If you have a tin of Christmas Cheer opened, join in toasting the BoB. If not, maybe this is a wonderful excuse to crack open a tin from your cellar.
  5. Slow Puffs

    Brady Still Got It

    Hymph... With Brady, it seems NE is still competitive.
  6. Slow Puffs

    MLB a Mess

    Why the heck can't the commish get it right with peds? This is a disgrace to sports. I'm a Red Sox fan and even though they are having a respectable year, this PED's thing hangs over Baseball and I can't follow them. Ken Collins (RIP) and JT and I used to have loads of fun posting on our...
  7. Slow Puffs

    Fantasy Hockey Playoffs

    Wondering if anyone is using the ESPN/TSN Championship Hockey Fantasy Pool? I set up a private pool within this. Participants are remnants of a hockey pool on Yahoo of which I was commissioner in this past "shortened" season. I toyed with proposing to the "moderators" about setting one up for...
  8. Slow Puffs

    Horse Stories

    Interesting that PB is into horses. Maybe you have had an experience with a horse... As a youngster. I remember being "kicked" by a horse at our cousins. So excited by seeing the horse, never expected it to turn on me. Later, nearing the end of "high" school, I lived with my Uncle who had a...
  9. Slow Puffs

    Other Passion Hobbies Than Piping... Sharing

    With the loss of a few cherished friends in the piping field, I have tried to stretch my horizons. Here is a partial list of my enjoyments as I approch 65 y.o: 1] Blue Grass Music - on Sirius Bluegrass Junction music, just so comforting and beautiful 2] Fantasy Hockey Commissioner - satisfies...
  10. Slow Puffs

    Appointment with the Vet

    I just got notice that the yearly "check-up" is due. Fortunately for us, our American Cocker hasn't been too expensive. I expect about $200 a year for various needles on top of the usual check-up. I've known people where I live (Alberta) that have actually carried medical insurance because they...
  11. Slow Puffs

    Spring/Early Summer To-Do-Lists

    I'm a "to-do" list person. Here in central Albeta, the Spring season slowly pushes away the remnants of Winter. It reminds me that there will soon be things to-do! With a change of season comes a reminder to change the furnance filter! And check and clean the humidifier. We still have a couple...
  12. Slow Puffs

    It Looks Grim

    Not much time left for NE :(
  13. Slow Puffs

    Cellar Explorations...

    My cellar is eccletic. I decided to plunge in. I recall from years past that Frog Morton was pretty nifty. This issue was from 2003. Yikes, it was stronger than I remember. Then again I haven't tasted latakia from some time. Not to worry.... jarred for the cooler months. Then I tried 965...
  14. Slow Puffs

    Whisky Flavour Map - How about Tobacco?

    Here is Diageo's Whisky Flavour Map for Scotch Single Malts: How about one for tobacco? As some of you know, I have added whisky "adventure" as a past time. As a newbie to whisky, I feel very much like when I first...
  15. Slow Puffs

    What is Bourbon Whiskey?

    Since I am collecting whiskies, I soon discovered that there seem to be more whisky brands than I expected. So I have tried to narrow my selections. I am still puzzled over the phrase "Bourbon Whiskey". Is Bourbon Whiskey only distilled in Kentucky? I have Woodford Reserve, Jim Beam Black...
  16. Slow Puffs

    Adjusting Car Mirrrors Technique

    This techique may take care of some of those "blind" spots for better viewing: Hope this helps. I always seem to have problems in this area. :)
  17. Slow Puffs

    Whisky Collection

    Since my tobacco cellar is flush, I thought I'd start a "new" obsession... collecting whisky or as you say south of the border "whiskey". My "tobacco wall of smiles" is being "over run" by assorted whisky bottles. I like ryes, but will be venturing out into irish, bourbons, scotch as time...
  18. Slow Puffs

    Annual Christmas Cheer Toast

    A year ago, I invited those who would like, to join in and toasting BoB and all its members by cracking a tin of Christmas Cheer. Seems right to do it again :D , especially since BoB's anniversay is in this season. This year I've opened Christmas Cheer '07... to the BoB and its members :cheers:
  19. Slow Puffs

    Wierd Energizer battery story & computer keyboard

    This is going to sound nuts... My wireless key board to my HP touchsmart started acting up. Okay, I replace the batteries (the batteries hadn't been replaced since I got the 'puter a year and half ago). With the new batteries absolutely no connectivity... using all the re-set, manual...
  20. Slow Puffs

    The Whistler

    I am always amused when a pipe maker not only says "passes the pipe cleaner" but also "doesn't whistle". We've all had whistlers, however slight it may be. This morning I opened a tin of Fillmore and after a brief drying time, loaded a David's Choice billiard savinelli. For the charring light...