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  1. Muddler

    Rattray's Brown Clunee

    The question came up in the daily smokes thread as to what Brown Clunee is like. Here's a review I did recently. Brown Clunee always seems to be an "also-ran". Seldom mentioned by itself & only sometimes during discussions of Rattray's big Va blends (HOTW, Marlin Flake & Old Gowrie). And...
  2. Muddler

    Favourite of your hunting rifles

    So what's the favourite of your hunting rifles? Mine is a Ruger no.1 in 375 H&H. Mine has taken warthog, impala, blesbuck, oryx, both blue & black gnu, eland, kudu & red hartebeest in SA, Namibia & Botswana. It's a wonderful rifle & a very versatile calibre.
  3. Muddler

    Happy birthday Skaukatt

    50 years Lou! Have a great birthday.
  4. Muddler

    The generosity of RonA3597

    Those who know Ron Austin even a little know him to be a gentleman of the old school & an outstandingly generous individual. A little while ago I received a copy of the NASPC newsletter - sent through by Ron, who paid for the subscription & postage. It's something I've wanted for a few years now...
  5. Muddler

    Happy New Year!

    A very happy New Year to all the brothers - may 2011 be an even better year.
  6. Muddler

    Happy Birthday Rad Davis!

    Keep making those pipes & have a great day!
  7. Muddler

    Do you remember when...

    Piet hit 2000 posts? Seems like just yesterday, right? Look again - he's sitting at 3000 right now!
  8. Muddler

    My Peterson Pipes of the Year

    I've been collecting Peterson POY's since 2004 (I started on the pipe - a 314 - in mid 2003) & thought I'd share a picture of my little collection, particularly as I've just added the 2010 pipe. All are smoked, some more than others. They are from 2004 in the bottom right hand corner, going...
  9. Muddler

    So how big is the USA?

    My brother sent me this last week. Makes fascinating reading. The GDP of US states compared to other countries. Here you go: 1 California, it is often said, would be the world’s sixth- or seventh-largest economy if it was a separate country. Actually, that would be the eighth, according to...
  10. Muddler

    Are pipe smokers boring?

    There's a thread on another pipe forum regarding what people are doing each Sunday. What struck me is just how passive the posters seem to be. The main activities seem to be things like checking out Ebay, cleaning pipes, watching football. I realise that pipe smokers tend to be more...
  11. Muddler

    Piet's Exhibition

    I had the privilege of being invited to the opening of Piet's exhibition earlier this evening. It was good to see him - he's been very busy & seriously stressing about this event. Firstly, the gallery was absolutely packed. Secondly, almost all his works had already been sold - no mean feat in...
  12. Muddler

    A Close Call

    Yesterday my son went fishing off the east coast with a friend on his jet ski. They picked up a nice king mackerel & a smallish (20lb) wahoo on lures. While fighting the wahoo, my son's mate (Ray) switched off the jet ski. After bringing the fish in he found it would not start! After fiddling...
  13. Muddler

    Piet Away this Week

    Piet emailed me this morning (my phone is on the blink) to ask me to let everyone know he had to leave for his exhibition a lot quicker than expected. He ran out of time to post that he'll probably not be able to post this coming week. He does have email on his Blackberry so he should be aware...
  14. Muddler

    Sad Time for Piet

    Piet called today to say that he had lost his beloved dog. Evidently she was in a lot of pain & had to be put down. Between this event & some work for his upcoming exhibition, he said he probably won't be posting much over the next day or two.
  15. Muddler

    Happy Birthday Piet Binsbergen!

    41 today! Have a wonderful day buddy!
  16. Muddler

    What shapes do you dislike the most?

    For me, it's pokers & freehands. And FWIW, anything not made from briar.
  17. Muddler

    SG Black XX Kendall Twist

    I bought a tin of this several moons ago because someone had raved about it. Quite frankly I haven't had the guts to open it. So when Jean du Toit asked me about ropes, I gave him the tin (he, he) & requested he report back. Well, he gave the tin back to me yesterday saying it smelt like a...
  18. Muddler

    A tribute by our Peter Binsbergen

    You may be interested in reading this rather well-written tribute to Jan Pietenpauw pipes, written by Peter Binsbergen. Peter, an artist & art lecturer, is a close mate of Jean du Toit (who makes Jan Pietenpauw pipes) & a Brother here on BoB. Jean was chosen to make the POY over on Pipe Chat &...
  19. Muddler

    Muddler's cellar

    My cellar is a double cupboard in our guest bedroom. It's the right side of 80 pounds & growing.
  20. Muddler

    My Pipes Community

    Does anyone know what has happened to this site? It looks like its been corrupted. Been like that since Monday.