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  1. Kyle Weiss


    ...I thought I heard people speaking disgusting words... “Borkum Riff.” Disgusting. ❤️ ? ?
  2. Kyle Weiss

    Kyle's GLP Regent's Flake review

    Shit, missed the shout-out here--thank you, guys. "Regents Flake is goddamn good. Go buy it." That was my first review, but it got kicked back for lack of readability. :D 8)
  3. Kyle Weiss

    Mr. Kyle Weiss, writer

    My earlobes were itching; I figured if I used "BoB" in an article someone would say something. Wait 'til Mike sees his shell-casing tamper. :P I did mention Billy Budd had a horse-stall attitude (neigh)...coulda been black... :fpalm: :lol: Glad you guys enjoyed the article, if not the...
  4. Kyle Weiss


    Ah... yes.  I still kind of do, though I think I even mentioned in a review I am finding it harder and harder to find new tobacco that doesn't have a little Perique in it.  The story on that goes, Hal'O'The'Wynd had a little bit, and that was okay.  Greg released Sixpence, and when I said I...
  5. Kyle Weiss


    Of which tobacco do you speak? Hey there Mike. :D I still have my ammo-case tamper--I let people use it but tell them it's a training tamper: that it's still filled with powder and primers, if you tamp too much, it blows up. Heh.
  6. Kyle Weiss


    ...from a guy who never learned to read, I'm good with that review of my review... :lol: Miss you, sweetie. 8)
  7. Kyle Weiss


    Haha, thanks guys.   The reviews are going well, getting lots of praise. The forum guys over at pipesmagazine are sometimes bit confused and grumbling by me rushing headlong gonzo-style and... TYPING STUFF... but then I never did that.  Ever.  They'll get used to me.  Staying on topic...
  8. Kyle Weiss


    Ah, yeah... forgot to mention... ...started writing for in March!   It's been interesting, I've had to take my op-ed style of blog writing and combine it with semi-sane focus on tobacco.  I'm not sure some of the crew over there (those not Bob-affiliated, anyway) have much to...
  9. Kyle Weiss

    Just for You, Dr. T !

    Someone rang? 8)
  10. Kyle Weiss


    Christ, even topics with my name in them never seem to stay on-topic. :lol: Kyle is the uckin' fasshole who never posts anymore (why should he--13K, what more needs to be said? :lol: ) hardly lurks, and yet has a close network of brothers who still let me know when I need to pop by and...
  11. Kyle Weiss

    T...Tjork...Skol...uh...oh, right: Tordenskjold! (A review)

    Haha... Eff you guys. ? Just busy cooking, then drinking as a good cook should. Thought I'd drop in with something more than typical life update bullshit ... Nothing to report, really. I moved, so I have a crappy tiny house rather than a tiny crappy apartment, I'm broke, trying to get...
  12. Kyle Weiss

    T...Tjork...Skol...uh...oh, right: Tordenskjold! (A review)

    Dan Tobacco--not available at my tobacco shop, anyway, nor any I've chanced on in-person in recent memory (which is at times limited and short).   This is the first one I've given a shot to, and unlike reviews of the past, I not only just tried it, the tin was gone inside three weeks. A VaPer...
  13. Kyle Weiss

    From Out of the West

    I have no clue what any of you are talking about. :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: But please, enjoy! 8) ( is no good here in the desert, anyway--for obvious reasons...)
  14. Kyle Weiss


    Any animal that comes equipped with its own bowl for convenient eating is alright with me. 8)
  15. Kyle Weiss

    GBD Stem Oxidation

    Glad you're faring out okay, even amongst our antics. :lol: 8)
  16. Kyle Weiss


    Another trade, happy Weiss.      :D   Thanks, D&B!     8)
  17. Kyle Weiss


    :snerk: :lol: Back to "separation anxiety" as it were, there are some of us who are quite sensitive to stuff like Perique and The Lakeland Stank.   The former being spicy enough to really screw up a delicate red VA blend and make it taste like a rowdy chimera of "WTF is this stuff?" while the...
  18. Kyle Weiss

    Twice Bitten?

    Pilot-Mike, that cigar I posted was a first for me. Usually I smoke a cigar if I've had too much pipe time or I burnt my tongue tasting stuff while doing kitchen work--primarily because they are easy on the tongue. I found it interesting RB queried this idea publicly mere days after I had...
  19. Kyle Weiss


    I have always found it helpful, especially in the beginning, to match pipes to tobacco with genre. Flake vs plug vs ribbon, then if you so choose, VA vs VaPers vs Latakias vs Aromatics (etc). Once in a rare while, such as with Embarcadero, I have a couple of pipes reserved for it and it...
  20. Kyle Weiss

    Twice Bitten?

    Yes, I have, RB... from this sonofabitch: was like someone took Jackknife and Escudo and rolled it into a hefty stogie and dared people to like it.   I was given one by one of the workers at my local B&M, because they know I like pretty rough-and-tumble smokes, and this thing set my...