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  1. Bullwinkle

    Gawith Hoggarth

    what have you tried.. likes/dislikes? I picked up some of their Bosun Cut Plug.. WOW and some TBC. so on blind faith I put in an order for more Bosun Cut Plug and TBC, Bob's Choc Flake, Dark Birdseye, Kendal KY, LA Per Flake.
  2. Bullwinkle

    HDTV's help me pick!

    Panasonic TC-P54S2 or Panasonic TC-P58S2 (another 4 inchs for $100) or Samsung LN55C650 ?? Thanks
  3. Bullwinkle

    Mickey Rourke in Expendables

    surprised no one mentioned the pipe smoking
  4. Bullwinkle

    Vauen pipes?

    how do they compare quality wise to other $75 -> $100 pipes? I ran across this ONE and started reacing for my credit card. thanks