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    What is similar to Grousemoor

    A friend of mine smoked a bowl of it tonight and absolutely loved the stuff. He commented that it reminded him of incense. So I guess I have 2 questions. 1.) What would that tobacco/incense taste have been? I'm still learning a lot, but i've looked at the blend and if I were to guess, I'd...
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    Curt Rollar pipes?

    I saw 2 on eBay, and this one looks exceptional. Thoughts on any of his pipes from those that may have them? I Sold on eBay with a buy it now for 75 bucks. Seemed like a great deal
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    Thoughts on Dejarnett Pipes?

    Who's got em? Who likes em? Who can compare em?
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    The more I look at Don Carlos Pipes...

    The more I like the styles. Mario Grandi has some nice looking pipes on ebay but I don't personally like most of the shapes or stems or just all around style. Almost every don carlos I look at on ebay I like. I think I'm gonna try to get one soon!
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    Where can I find a poker for around 100 Bucks????

    I'd like to add a poker to my small collection and i've been looking for a while with no avail. I've found some that are pokers/sitters but they are odd shapes with odd stems, etc...I like the traditional looking ones, such as
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    Vacuum Sealed Bag Or Mason Jar?

    If you have some tobacco that came in a vacuum sealed bag, should you keep it in there or transfer it to a mason jar?
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    Filter vs Non Filter

    Just a little poll/discussion/information topic here 1.) Which do you smoke, a filter or non filter pipe? 2.) Which do you prefer? 3.) What are the pros to smoking a filtered pipe? 4.) What are the cons to smoking a filtered pipe? 5.) Does a filtered pipe smoke any different than a non-filtered...
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    How unlikely is it to try Three Nuns and Balkan Sobranie.

    Raven's Wing also sounds amazing. I know these are no longer in production. How unlikely is it to get to try these without paying an arm and a leg?
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    A few Cornell and Diehl Questions

    1.) They seem to have more blends than any other pipe tobacco manufacturer, and as I read the different descriptions, lots of them seem similar. My first question is this: For those that have smoked many of their offerings, how similar are the different blends? For the pipe smoker who hasn't...
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    Ya know who makes amazing pipes??

    Larry Roush! Freaking gorgeous pipes Dear Secret Santa.... riiiiiiiiiiiighht :shock: :shock: :shock:
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    GBD Presidential William Taft

    Did a google search and couldn't find a thing on this pipe. Anyone know anything about it?
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    Mario Grandi ..........anyone shed some light?

    Looking at some on eBay and they seem reasonable....can anyone attest to the quality?
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    Best Pipes Under 100 bucks?

    Sorry for all the recent posts but I'm becoming addicted to learning all I can about pipes and expanding my knowledge. Whats the best pipe under 100 bucks, both smooth and a sandblast/rusticated? I've looked an some sale pipes here and they seem...
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    What kind of tobacco smokes best in a tapered bowl?

    Or what type of bowel smokes a certain type of tobacco the best? Do flakes smoke better in a wide or narrow bowl, etc. Thanks!
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    Wondering about and looking at Meerschaum Pipes.....

    What classifies a "good" meer? Are there any specific pipe makers who are better than others? I'd like to purchase a meer sometime in the next few months but I don't want to dump a lot of money in one in case i'm not a fan of how they smoke. I like just the plain lattice ones, nothing fancy...
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    10 and 11 year old McClelland Orientals

    Local has a No. 6 Oriental 100g tin from 97 and a No. 8 tin 100g from 98.....if I only had some extra cash.
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    Ben Wade Freehands....what's good or sought after?

    My local B and M has a guy selling off all his pipes and there are about 10 Ben Wades and I was wondering if any of his work is more sought after than others?
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    Do specific tobaccos lead to aging better?

    I know often spicier, more full bodied cigars age better or at least have more potential. Is this true for pipe tobaccos? What tobaccos or blends seem to lend to aging better?
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    If you had $100 to spend on pipe tobacco what would you buy?

    Title says it all. Just curious as to how you all would spend 100 bucks on pipe tobacco?
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    I am considering buying in bulk, which for means means like 4 or 8 ozs. I was wondering what is considered the best way to store this long for months at a time. Thanks