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    The Late ,Great Steve Gutz Pipe Room

    Found these today while looking around on my laptop. Steve was one of the founding members of the SHPC. He hosted an annual cookout at his house and these were taken at the first. Sadly, this entire collection has since been sold off and split up and Steve is no longer with us....
  3. Dock

    Rare E-Bay Bargin With low BIN! BUY THIS!

    I've never seen this book for less than fifty dollars! Someone, buy this quick!
  4. Dock

    Vintage Tobacciana....<<<Please Post Your Pics>>>

    At the excellent suggestion of Dutch I'd like to start this thread as a place to post pics of your cherished tobacco collectibles. These items need not be rare or valuable to be unique and notewworthy. Please feel free to post pics of your jars, books artwork, advertising items, lighters...
  5. Dock

    Does anyone care about collecting tobacciana anymore?

    I can remember talking with friend and bookseller Ben Rappaport a few years back. He was saying that folks were no longer actively purchasing his pipe/tobacco/cigar related books. "They want the wood, not the word now." he said. When I myself was an up and coming collector in the late 90's I...
  6. Dock

    Nice Deal.

    The buy it now earlier today was $500.00. He's dropped it to $150.00 with $45.00 for shipping! :shock: :shock: :shock: What a bargin :roll...
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    Just Discovered The "Foes" list....

    It's funny, I was the admin here for a long time and had access to all the ins and outs of this board. All of this and I NEVER knew you could add someone to your "foes list" and not have to read their posts or receive their pm's. Crazy! :twisted:
  9. Dock

    Broken Pipe: Craig Tarler President of C&D

    We've lost so many of the hobby's old guard over the last few years.... RIP Craig....
  10. Dock


    I've known Del from the various pipe boards and on facebook for several years. We recently completed a block buster trade where he got a gorgeous (and silly rare) Dunhill blasted calabash and I got a large cigar humidor and sticks. Everything went as well as humanly possible. Del is a gentelman...
  11. Dock

    NO. You Can't Have It!

    I saw it first. :P Bought it for ten whole bucks at my local flea market 2day. In hindsight, I may have got screwed :lol:
  12. Dock

    MAJOR Pipe 4 Cigar Deal Going Down Today....

    With a fellow board member. Details and pics to follow.... :shock:
  13. Dock

    Cigar Label Decoupage Humidor Project...

    I sure as hell didn't invent this concept. Folks have been doing this form of "tramp art" since the turn of this last century. It took about 9-10 hours to complete. The most time consuming part being the cutting up of the labels and the multiple, multiple coats of antiquing glue applied. Thanks...
  14. Dock

    If One Wanted To Buy Cigars From An

    .....eskimo wearing a samurai suit , where would one find such a strangely dressed eskimo selling them? :P :P :P :P <<<Edited for content>>>>
  15. Dock

    El-Fake-O Dunhill Humidor

    Real Dunhill humidors have a plate riveted into the box's lid, not a sticker that was pulled off something else and crudely applied. Also, see the humidifier element. Dunhill would NEVER use this cheesy mesh screen design! Nice try though :lol...
  16. Dock

    Appeal For Cigar Bands! hElP! : )

    Guys, I'm creating a neat humidor covered with cigar bands that will be decoupaged. Sorta folk arty. I'm now in need of a bunch of cigar bands. I'm willing to buy em, trade ya' a tin or two of tobacco or accept them as pure charity :lol:
  17. Dock

    Brand New Pix of My Smoking Lounge

    I post these here for two reasons, one to show folks where I do most of my smoking and two, to show the old timers here that contrary to popular belief, I didn't sell off all of my smoking gear years ago. :lol: For those of you that are new to the board, I have a background in design and...
  18. Dock

    My Coolirdor

    Thanks to the great suggestions here I was able to put this modest version together. The idea is to just store my unopened boxes in it. The coolest part for me is the remote Hygrometer that has a sensor in the box with a read out on the top. It's got a cedar bottom,cedar half walls and a pound...
  19. Dock

    Already Sold But Had 2 Show This One Off....

    I traded this killer Dunhill calabash to a fellow board member today but thought some of you would like to see it anyway...I've personally seen, smoked and sold literaly a thousand Dunhill's in my life but the blast on this one is so superb that it ranks as the absolute best, hands down. It's...
  20. Dock


    Super, great, painless transaction! Doug and I swapped cigars for a pipe and we both ended up happy with our ends of the deal. I would highly recommend dealing with him. ★★★★★ STARS! Highest Recommendations!