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  1. Carlos

    Blackhorse HELP! I lost a pm page

    On the black task bar near the top of the page. Look for your username and next to that is an envelope shape. Click on it, then click on Show All in the sub menu that pops up. We do not have access to a user's PM's. One of the tech support people might be able to help. But it may be some...
  2. Carlos

    Junk emails.

    I use Thunderbird and deal with it myself. I set it to automatically delete them after a few months. I have several email addresses. The main one. The Gmail of course. And the shopping/forum email which gets the bulk of the spam. And a Yahoo which I used for some ham radio forums, but it's...
  3. Carlos

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    GL Pease Raven's Wing from an 8oz tin I acquired in 2005 and jarred. Like a well seared beefsteak. So rich. Smoked in a Heeschen smooth bent egg.
  4. Carlos

    Monitoring blood pressure?

    Make sure you do not have too small a cuff. Do not cross your legs when sitting. Most are fairly close.
  5. Carlos

    Redbreast 12 y.o. Irish Whiskey

    Power's Gold Label is my favorite. The new label takes some getting used to. Next is Bushmill's White label.
  6. Carlos

    Potential fishing buddy?

    Oh, it occurred to me that you may be helping to launch the boat. A relatively easy task that tournament fisherman learn to do in the dark. His boat, he's in charge. He will probably have you back him down. He will have dealt with the plugs and straps. If it's a good ramp, you should just...
  7. Carlos

    Potential fishing buddy?

    I assume you will be fishing for smallmouth bass and walleye mostly. Some sort of jigs this time of year. Jigs with plastic, or just plastic baits like a Saltcraw, or similar. Plastic worms, tubes. Depending upon current jig heads could be 1/4oz to 1oz. I have seen heavier used in big...
  8. Carlos

    lockpicking - so much for those locks being worth the money

    Locks just keep honest people honest.
  9. Carlos

    New Grill!

    Reminds me. I need an igniter for the decade old Holland Grill. They do not make them any longer apparently, but the igniter is standard. It's stainless and cast iron. Should last forever. For my charcoal work. We won a dual fuel Char-Griller grill from the Hickory River Smokehouse...
  10. Carlos

    See what happens?!?!

    My dad was buying all he could find up and cutting the keys off of them to sell on eBay to the charm bracelet crowd. They really liked the glass-topped keys.
  11. Carlos

    How do you all take your coffee?

    I grind whole beans from Coffee Beans Direct. Sometimes the Roaster's Blend of the month. Sometimes a single origin. I always seem to come back to a Costa Rican or Colombian. Light and medium roasts mostly. Used to use Coffee Mate creamer. Now it's Half & Half. No sweetener. I love my...
  12. Carlos

    A G.L. Pease for a Perique Lover

    Finding the perique in many blends isn't easy. Especially when done by the "Dark Lord". Perique is a condiment. It can be used to enhance, or bring flavors that are unexpected. It's kind of like salt. When used properly salt can greatly enhance flavors in foods, and yet you never taste the...
  13. Carlos

    No weapons in the workplace? Really?!?!?!

    IBM Model M keyboards. The old style clicky keyboards. I still use them. They have a steel plate in them. Makes them heavy.
  14. Carlos

    the mind at rest or in a frenzy?

    I use a noisemaker when going to bed. For years one of those fan things making whitenoise. Now an electronic one with surf sounds. My mind in the past sometimes got me up at night running in circles. I would get up and get on the radio. Or read. And hearing. I could hear the slightest...
  15. Carlos

    Format and device for carrying around music?

    I have an iPhone. But I also chose to create a lot of audio files from vinyl in the FLAC format. I do not know when they added the capability for the iPhone to play FLAC. You will have to use a player like VLC to do so. So my portable player is a FiiO X3 iii. English used by them isn't...
  16. Carlos

    Bratwurst with Tony Chachere Creole Seasoning

    Too many seasonings are overboard, in salt or spice. My favorite place to start looking is Bolner's Fiesta Brand seasonings. My favorite all purpose from them is Fajita Seasoning with Mesquite. But that has no bite at all. Got to please the XYL. We have also been using a fair bit of Old Bay...
  17. Carlos

    Great Tennessee Pipe Shop Discovered

    Heck! Been right by the place a number of times when traveling between central IL and FL. I often stay at the Comfort Suites, or the Quality Inn. Usually eat at Rafferty's just a couple blocks away. I will have to make an allowance in time to stop and check them out.
  18. Carlos

    Doug Erwin has passed.

    Y'all got memory like an elephant. Sorry to see another Brother has passed. Does anyone recall his actual username?
  19. Carlos

    Now today sucks too!

    Business educated people like to say that money isn't an incentive. I heard that crap for years where I retired from. Yet, examples of people being pissed about someone else's salary is a common story. Money does matter to many people, even if the Pearson manuals and academics say otherwise.
  20. Carlos

    When You Have To Sign For A Package

    Fill out the release form and tape it to the door (form required for each package). Unless you are afraid of Porch Pirates. I think you can also do it in an online account if you have one. There may still be a release that you give your driver which he files and is good, maybe forever.