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  1. Corncobcon

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Black Frigate in a MM Mushroom cob.
  2. Corncobcon

    Favorite item from Trader Joe's

    No Trader Joe's around here. I've never been to one.
  3. Corncobcon

    Sorta newbie

  4. Corncobcon

    Hello from Ohio

  5. Corncobcon

    Hello from Ojai, CA.

  6. Corncobcon

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Last night I smoked windjammer in a brigham. Today I'm smoking windjammer in old cob. Much better!
  7. Corncobcon

    Monitoring blood pressure?

    I have an Omron Series 3. I check it with the Dr.'s office and it is close to the reading they get. I've had it for 5 years at least. Also shows your pulse rate. It's battery powered. About 35-40 dollars. Walmart.
  8. Corncobcon

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Windjammer in a Brigham pot. Water to wet my whistle.
  9. Corncobcon

    Hello from SW PA

  10. Corncobcon

    Hello from Los Angeles

  11. Corncobcon

    Another Thank You

    I'm pretty sure I know who my bomber is. Am I right, DLR?
  12. Corncobcon

    Most underrated blender?

    My favorite blender is my Osterizer! I've had it for almost 20 years and it still performs. It's great for smoothies and other blending, but it doesn't work too well on tobacco!!!!
  13. Corncobcon

    Another Thank You

    Not sure yet. I'm still looking.
  14. Corncobcon

    Another Thank You

    I received a package in the mail today and was surprised! I had not ordered anything in quite some time now. It came from SmokingPipes. A corncob pipe and a tin of G.L Pease Windjammer. Outstanding! Thank you very much. It made my day.
  15. Corncobcon

    Yet another question about getting ready for old age - Exercise routines?

    I walk, and yell at the wife! Both get my heart rate up!
  16. Corncobcon

    Dumb question: What is PAD & TAD?

    I'll soon be in the market for a new dog. I'm going to name it "Piper"! Yes, my life revolves around my pipes!
  17. Corncobcon

    Seeking a New Pipe and Comparing Bowl Capacity Briar Age Etc.

    Don't forget that the bigger the bowl, and the more briar, the cooler to the touch the pipe will be. I have a 320 also and thoroughly enjoy it.