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  1. Tom Clemons

    gold, yellow, light, blond VA recommendations, Please

    Greetings folks, Starting to get a bit more time to post. Anyway, with summer approaching, I tend to move to lighter virginias. Looking to expand my repertoire. So, thanks in advance for any suggestions and recommendations. Cheers, TC
  2. Tom Clemons

    Favorite Bourbons?

    for years, my favorite bourbon was Maker's Mark. It is still my "go-to" or more frequent bourbon. A couple of years ago, a couple of friends joined me in bourbon tasting. While lots of fun, we approached it pretty seriously. Surprisingly, there was amazing congruence in ranking the blends...
  3. Tom Clemons


    I could not find a "what are you reading?" thread. Apologies if there is one. Recently started Umberto Eco's "Faucault's Pendulum" and the new edition of Tom Rosenbauer's "The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide". Wondering what you all are reading. Always looking for the next read. Cheers, TC
  4. Tom Clemons

    Low Country's Waccamaw

    Any other thoughts on this blend would be very helpful to me. I've collected 4 tins and I'm trying hard to let them age a bit. Below is a review I put on TR. I think I wrote something similar on the Knox board. This is my initial impression. I know I should have waited until I've smoked at...
  5. Tom Clemons

    Greetings - its Deja vu all over again

    Oh, ... there you are, Peter! <stolen from the movie "Hook" > Well, I'm here - thanks to Vito, who filled me in on the Knox Board issues and directed me here (yes, Vito spilled the beans, so he is to blame for my presence here). Looking forward to re-acquainting. Cheers, TC