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  1. scottyb

    My first "Robin Hood"

    As some of you know, I am quite an Archery nut. Got my first "Robin Hood" at the range yesterday while practicing for a competition this weekend. Pretty neat, but at 10 bucks a piece for "high grade" carbon arrows, it can get expensive...
  2. scottyb

    My latest aquisition

    I traded away this Castello a few years ago and always regretted it. All of a sudden, it's mine again! Castello "Castello" 4K with Paesina stone flock.
  3. scottyb

    A few pipes from my collection

    Here are a few pipes from my collection. I will take more pics as I dig them out. Ashtons Dunhills GBDs Lindners scottyb
  4. scottyb

    Posting photos

    Can anyone give me step-by-step instructions on how to post photos here, I've tried a couple of times with no sucess. Thanks.
  5. scottyb

    New here

    Hi everyone. Some of you may know me - Scott Bundy, formerly of The Piperack. Looks like a great group! Scott Bundy www.piperestore.com