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  1. Zeno Marx

    keep track of tobacco prices?

    When I used to jar up my bulk tobacco, I would include the price per ounce on my labels. I got lazy about it a couple big purchases ago and didn't do it. Does anyone keep track of what their favorite tobaccos cost and how much they go up each year? I'm curious about Stokkebye in particular...
  2. Zeno Marx

    help identifying pipe maker, please

    Google, P&C, Smokingpipes...I couldn't find a stem marker like this. Anyone help me with this? I'm more curious than anything. Thanks.
  3. Zeno Marx

    I know a guy who argues over facts

    Do you know anyone like this? Have one of these in your circle? Fighting about facts, my mother calls it. We do it all the time. Argue over something that's actually one thing or another. -Pete Campbell In the Campbell bedroom Trudy has just gotten out of the shower wrapped in a towel. Pete...
  4. Zeno Marx

    I wanna be heard...NOW - phone etiquette

    Am I nuts in remembering that back in the rotary and touch-tone days that when someone called and didn't get an answer, they didn't keep calling and calling and calling? I feel like people DEMAND to be heard, and RIGHT NOW, these days. If you don't answer, they call your partner's phone or...
  5. Zeno Marx

    resistant to trying something new?

    restaurants... This is where I'm terrible. If I go to a restaurant for the first time and find something I like, every time I go back, I order the same thing. I never try anything else on the menu. It makes no sense, other than acknowledging that the likely reason I'm returning to that...
  6. Zeno Marx

    The Romeo Briar Process - How to cut briar for tobacco pipes

    https://www.romeobriar.com/briarshop/us.html https://youtu.be/Aa5gyd0Ymrg Have you ever wondered how smoking pipes are made? Many people know that briar wood is the most common material, but few know where it is found, or how to harvest, cut and cure it for use in pipes. Enter Mimmo, a second...
  7. Zeno Marx

    jury duty

    F'ing jury duty! Really agitates me. I'm not in a small area, yet every couple years they hit me with this, and this time, I'm required to be there. I'd rather go pick up garbage or whatever for X amount of hours. I guess March isn't a slow time.
  8. Zeno Marx

    cooking lessons from around the world

    Another Bon Appetit youtube series. This one is with Andy Baraghani as he goes through various cuisines. There are a lot of interesting details to pick up in these. I happen to love Thai food, so I found this one particularly interesting. He's also done Palestinian and Senegalese. It's sort...
  9. Zeno Marx

    skateboarding general discussion

    I don't expect this thread to get much play, but sport wise, along with backpacking, it's a true love. I played all sports when I was a kid and teenager, but skateboarding is in my soul. Forget the X-games and the other televised nonsense competitions. To me, that isn't skateboarding. In my...
  10. Zeno Marx

    food additives and the history thereof

    https://www.pbs.org/video/the-poison-squad-5sf93j/ 'The Poison Squad' tells the story of government chemist Dr. Harvey Wiley who, determined to banish these dangerous substances from dinner tables, took on the powerful food manufacturers and their allies. Government chemist Dr. Harvey Wiley...
  11. Zeno Marx

    sex workers raise nearly $1M for Australian fires

    https://twitter.com/brutamerica/status/1214996130901241856 Never heard of Brut America, but it doesn't surprise me a bit that sex workers could get their customer bases to lean into their causes. Good on the women and their watchers.
  12. Zeno Marx

    future energy and economy

    How does everyone feel about how we're willingly missing out on future core industries and economies so we don't ruffle any feathers now; sticking our heads in the sand and acting like the world isn't moving onto the next energy phase, whatever that might be? I'm also not all that jazzed on...
  13. Zeno Marx

    recycling things rather than throwaway culture

    This is a pretty common thing in the fashion industry, especially from smaller designers who sell direct to boutiques around the world. It's nice to see a mass producing company also do something like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBpSziExmA8
  14. Zeno Marx

    Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Pipe Smoker

    First, I want to be clear that this is not mean to be negative, judgemental, or disparaging. I'm genuinely curious about where these pipes go, the rooms and displays where they then exist, and the lifestyles of those who buy them. On the most recent Briar Blues update, a Poul (Danish)...
  15. Zeno Marx

    fruity, non-aromatic blend favorites?

    I was wondering what some favorite fruity blends are. Fruity, as in dates, raisins, currants, and maybe even hints of molasses. Fruity as we sometimes find with perique. My example would be Night Train, especially Night Train with some age. Over the winter, I finished some Night Train that...
  16. Zeno Marx

    fascinating - How to Make Handmade Soba Noodles

    I found this both amazing and fascinating. And utterly relaxing. So very cool. Great narration. 3 years apprenticeship. Total dedication into a focused craft. Not unusual in Eastern cuisine, but rather foreign to our Western traditions. https://youtu.be/SoO2sLjt8Lg
  17. Zeno Marx

    the onset of dementia and hard of hearing in common?

    The more I deal with older folk (I'm not young myself), the more I realize how interesting (read: irritating and frustrating) it can be when someone is aware of a deficiency, yet they never seem to acknowledge the consequences of it. People who know they can't hear well, yet they very...
  18. Zeno Marx

    cool science

    The only thing that bothers me about stories like these is that some people see this as an excuse, or an example, of how either technology, or faith in God's intervention, is a substitute for proactive measures. Continue on with reckless ways because something will save or fix it in the end...
  19. Zeno Marx

    safety razors

    I see a new Canadian company is offering stainless steel razors at quite a nice price. $99CAD, which is $75-80USD today. I'm hearing some positive feedback. I believe they offer in both stainless and brass, but the brass might have been just in the development stages. The handle only comes...
  20. Zeno Marx

    pipes you used to see all the time, but now?

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/MINT-CASTELLO-OLD-ANTIQUARI-G-56-GIANT-BULLDOG-SHAPED-PIPE-WOW/392338469494 I remember in the late 80s and early 90s seeing a steady flow of large Castello bulldogs, especially the red stained ones. I believe those were called Trademark, Greatline, or a combination of...