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    please help needed to identify two old pipes - thank you...

    regards.. :) i have been contacted by a person workinh in a local museum to help around identifying two pipes that they have - maybe someone has more knowledge to tell more about them.... help woudl be very nice - thank you..... PIPE #1 "feminum" writting...
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    NEW ND Pipes Facebook homepage

    Hello friends, some of you know me as "tNd tobacco pipes".. i have changed the name recently to "ND Pipes" and in order to clear my life and hoby a bit more i had to make a new homepage on Facebook - to remove some traffic from my private page there and to make things more clear... hope that...
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    "tNd tobacco pipes" is not alive anymore....

    Due to personal reasons i had to terminate the existence of "tNd tobacco pipes" on 25th of Sep 2012... my work will be going on under the name of "ND pipes"... thank you for being with me these last two years.. a new chapter in my life is beggining... best regards daniel __________
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    i got scammed

    Few days ago i bought Sennheiser CX500 on eBay... well, i was happy let me tell you... the price was very nice and i was stupid enough to buy them without checking first if they might be fake.... later, i found about this video: link here oh well... just wated to notify Brothers not to get a...
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    old pipes from Adriatic Sea

    i was on a vacation near Makarska on Adriatic Sea, Croatia.... I have found, purely by chance, three old ceramic pipes in one private collection - i would like to share pictures of those here for Forum members :) hope you will like them :)
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    My newest pipe... :)

    Have to show what i made today.... I am really happy with the result Cobra freehand...
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    Few tampers i made when i had some free time :)

    there are some more but unfortunately no pictures can be found... :/ to bad... regards, daniel
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    tNd - new member

    Hello to the forum comunity..... Few words about me :) I was born in Germany in 1975. I grew up in Croatia where I am living since. I have a degree in electronic engineering and am working in transformer station maintenance. For years I was interested in hi-fi electronics especially tube...