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    Buying Estate Pipes Online

    Hello Everyone, Now that I am getting back into the briar after a long hiatus, I am anxious to start growing my collection. I started looking at estate pipes online on sites like Ebay. I often see pipes that I may be interested in but I am a little hesitant to purchase them through online...
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    What are you smoking

    Just finished a bowl of half and half. I recently started back so I only have one pipe. It is a royal dutch silver line 425. I have a strong feeling that will change shortly. Especially after seeing some of the nice pipes that others are using. So far I have tried: - Frog Morton' Cellar -...
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    Hello everyone

    Returning to the briar after a long hiatus. I am from New Hampshire. I am looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone. I ordered my first pipe in 20 years, my royal dutch silverline should be arriving any day now.