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    MacBaren HH Acadian Perique

    Smoking my second bowl of this. It might just be my new favorite blend. Never been a huge MacB fan though I like some of their blends for an occasional smoke. Acadian Perique rocks. If they made it in a flake it would be perfect. Works great it large pipes though will experiment with others...
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    ULRIK Morta Chubby Reverse Calabash

    Greetings all, Just lit up a pipe that is several firsts for me. First Morta, first reverse calabash, first chubby billiard nose-warmer and first Ulrik. So far, I’m pleased on all counts. Fine craftsmanship, great look and feel and a fine smoke so far with GH BB#2. Purchased the pipe new on...
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    Black XX Rope and other twists

    Hi, all. Smoked my first rope yesterday. SG Black XX. I was a little wary at first, because of the reported intensity of the nicotine power. I popped the tin which included one long section of the twist and two short ones. I took one of the small pieces, sliced it up with a sharp knife...
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    Bent Dublin = Zulu?

    Is a Dublin with a slight bend a Zulu/Woodstock? Here's an example. KAYWOODIE-FLAME-GRAIN-18S-PIPE
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    Jobey Link

    Hi, all. Anyone have any experience with Jobey pipes? I have a Torino that was my dad's. Jobey's have a stem that uses the Jobey Link, sort of a tenon that screws into the shank. There is a mortise in the stem that then slides over the link. It's a pretty secure system. My question is...
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    Dunhill Tobacco and Murray vs. Orlik...

    I found this article online and wasn't sure if it had been posted yet. I know this gets controversial but this article seems to have some facts, at least :shock: http://pipelore.net/index.php?id=123
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    Filter Adapter Needed?

    Hi, All. Just bought a Peter Klein pipe off ebay. Got a pretty good deal and it looks to be a great pipe. It' seems that it is probably a filter model. Can I smoke it filterless? If so, do I need an adapter? Where can I get one, if needed? Thanks. Eric
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    Peter Klein

    Hi, all. I know Peter Klein makes high grades but it seems he also makes some medium grades, too. Picked this one off Ebay last night. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290226522185&ssPageName=ADME:B:EOIBSA:US:1123 I'm hoping the it's a good smoke. I figure $50 for a...
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    WDC Pipes - William Demuth, Co

    Anyone have any experience with WDC pipes? Any opinions? They seem to be an old NYC company. Thanks.~Eric
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    Brigham Pipes

    Hi, All. Any thoughts on Brigham pipes? I know they make a large range of pipes but didn't realize that they seem to have some higher grades, too (not really high, mind you). Any one have experience with their more recent production? I remember reading somewhere that the lower grades are...