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  1. Cold Smoke

    A New Father at 62

    As my old man once said, men should have babies while they can still pick'em up.
  2. Cold Smoke

    HH McBaren Vintage Syrian

    Nice move.
  3. Cold Smoke

    New ESEE Izula and custom sheath.

    My orange Izula II is in my air search and rescue bail out bag offsite. Great knives for the price. Funky colors.
  4. Cold Smoke

    New ESEE Izula and custom sheath.

    I give up trying to post an image of my Izulas.
  5. Cold Smoke

    New ESEE Izula and custom sheath.

    Yep. I like the factory sheath and found it hard wearing and well engineered with a good snug fit.
  6. Cold Smoke

    New ESEE Izula and custom sheath.

    I have the same knife in the venom green and emergency orange. Haven't managed to misplace them yet.
  7. Cold Smoke

    The Savinelli 320

    I have about a dozen 320s and smoke them all without a filter with no problems. I bought some filters to try but just found them yucky and unnecessary.
  8. Cold Smoke

    Reviving a 90's Brigham 536 Bent Brandy

    Nice work, as always.
  9. Cold Smoke

    Another Paint Can from Boston

    Man, LJ Perretti have been on my radar for years. Tashkent, Oriental No.40 and Oxford Flake have been on my must-try list for ages but being Canadian, there's a whole border, security and bureaucracy to keep me at bay. Now I see that Oxford Flake seems to be hard to get.
  10. Cold Smoke

    From Canada

    Added bonus: you can beat would be assailants senseless with it in a pinch.
  11. Cold Smoke

    Lost the Love for Latakia

    I'm pretty much painting my tongue with heavy lat blends. Pirate Kake, most of the Captain Earle's blends, Plum Pudding SR etc. I keep hearing about people's palates turning as they mature but as far as pipe smoking goes, I guess I'm still in high school with a cellar that's 100% English blends...
  12. Cold Smoke

    End of Tax Free Online Shopping

    I wonder how this will affect sales to Canada?
  13. Cold Smoke

    i bought a mill

    As someone who lives way above the tree line where two by fours cost an arm, a leg and a left testicle, I approve this purchase.
  14. Cold Smoke


    I've placed a few orders from Canada and was very happy with the service.
  15. Cold Smoke

    Any brothers from North London?

    "Sarf" London born but my sister lives in the leafy north.
  16. Cold Smoke

    Mancave Get's a Make-Over (Pic Heavy)

    That's not a man cave. That's a man boudoir! :D
  17. Cold Smoke

    Decatur Pipe Cabinet & Pipe Stand

    Great looking cabinet. I've had my eye on those Decatur cabinets when they occasionally come up on that auction site but with shipping added they always end up a little rich for my blood. Also, they're rarely in as nice shape as yours. Good catch!
  18. Cold Smoke

    Arango Balkan Supreme

    After being bombed an ounce and puffing a couple of bowls, I instantly ordered a pound for the cellar.
  19. Cold Smoke

    Order from smokingpipes.com Canada?

    Start worrying when it's been a month.