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  1. scottyb

    Thoughts on Dejarnett Pipes?

    Horace makes a fine-smoking pipe, but most of his designs are a bit "chunky" for my personal taste.
  2. scottyb

    Who Needs Cake !!

    I prefer pie over cake :D Seriously though, I believe cake is a pipe-to-pipe factor. I have some pipes that smoke best with little or no cake at all.
  3. scottyb

    Straight Grain or Cross Cut? Does Grain Matter?

    No difference, but I have always been a sucker for a perfectly-centered crossgrain.
  4. scottyb

    Do You Still Have?....

    Actually my first 3 pipes were stolen when my house was broken in to - two Petes and an Aldo Velani. I don't miss them now, but at the time I did.
  5. scottyb

    My first "Robin Hood"

    Ok, so I shot my first 300 round. Shot 285 with 9 X's. The guy I shared a lane with shot 298 with 19 X's. I was shooting against two National champs and a State champ, as well as many other fine shooters. 22 shooters total, I was 7th out - my goal was not to be first out, so that's pretty good...
  6. scottyb

    My first "Robin Hood"

    Yeah, it was pretty cool. I've busted plenty of knocks, but It made a sound that I had never heard before. At first I thought I had smacked someone's old point that was stuck in there -I had no idea until I walked up to pull arrows. It's not like I was trying to do it, but I love shooting groups...
  7. scottyb

    My first "Robin Hood"

    I know what you mean - it does get a bit crowded in there. I will be shooting Vegas 3-spot this weekend.
  8. scottyb

    My first "Robin Hood"

    As some of you know, I am quite an Archery nut. Got my first "Robin Hood" at the range yesterday while practicing for a competition this weekend. Pretty neat, but at 10 bucks a piece for "high grade" carbon arrows, it can get expensive...
  9. scottyb

    A P-Lip Inquiry

    I hate em.
  10. scottyb

    Partial texture pipes.

    I can't stand partial rustication. I would rather have a couple of pits. IMO any pipe that is not fit (by the maker) to be totally smooth should be fully carved or blasted. Look at Castello for instance - even the Fiamatta grades can have small pits.
  11. scottyb

    Why we choose the pipes we do

    I smoke all shapes, but Billiards are my favorites.
  12. scottyb

    Balkan Blends

    Bill Bailey's Balkan is the best of the best, IMO.
  13. scottyb

    Bowl coating wearing off

    NBD, it happens. Just smoke it.
  14. scottyb

    What do you reach for?

    Any VA flake in any of my Ashtons.
  15. scottyb

    What are you listening to

    Right now I am listening a mix of Devo tunes on my Ipod.
  16. scottyb

    Happy Independence Day!

    Happy 4th everyone! Taking the family over to Brian Ruthenbergs house for a BBQ and a dip in the pool, then heading out to see some fireworks.
  17. scottyb

    Blast Aesthetics

    Ring blasts are cool, but I prefer the wild crosscut blasts on old Dunhill Shells.
  18. scottyb

    BBB for Schulte

    D.A. Schulte Haberdashers was a high-end shop located in the Hotel Astor in Times Square, NYC in the 1920's. As to how long they were around, I have no clue. The pipe may be very old. BBB, GBD, Comoy, Dunhill, Barling, Upshall and others made shop pipes back in the day.
  19. scottyb

    help cleaning the "burned" rim of a meer

    Yes, it works on briar.
  20. scottyb

    Suggestion for an inexpensive, yet quality, pipe

    Savinelli, Stanwell, Bjarne, Nording, Wessex.