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  1. juanmedusa

    We just made an offer!

    I've been quite the disappeared Brother for awhile now. I had lowered my involvement and even taken a furlough from the Bombing Squadron. I had done this, for those that don't remember, so that I could really really tighten my spending as wife and I and child started looking for a home to...
  2. juanmedusa

    Peterson pipe show. St Patrick's day, Northern VA, OVTC

    Old Virginia Tobacco Company's Seven Corner's location in Northern Virginia will be having their annual St Patrick's day Peterson pipe show and sale. It will be officially on March 17th. A Thursday. The shop manager said they will likely have the pipes through Saturday or Sunday but if you want...
  3. juanmedusa

    What was your NFL championship game smoke?

    I had Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls in my Brebbia Dublin during the first half. Condor Ready Rubbed in my Peterson Aran Apple during the second half. The lone pipe smoker in a crowd of stogies.
  4. juanmedusa


    Not a transaction but Haebar offered to send me a sample and he certainly did and shipped it well and quickly. True to his word. Much thanks to Haebar.
  5. juanmedusa

    Auld Erin pipe

    I have an Auld Erin pipe I inherited. I've heard they were Peterson seconds. It makes some sense to me as my pipe is in shape 999 which is a dead ringer for the Peterson shape. Anyone else have or know more about these pipes?
  6. juanmedusa

    My Girls at Halloween

    And for once I can honestly say it was my idea!
  7. juanmedusa


    I just got an email for "GL Pease's Virginia Cream only at P&C." Curious since I've already purchased and received it from Smokingpipes.com. Also checking SP it can be found in stock. Foul play advertising? What do you think?
  8. juanmedusa

    CAO Italia robusto

    I've been aware of this cigar for a long time and probably had at less one in the past. I just smoked one today and I must say I quite enjoyed it. I don't smoke enough cigars to justify a box purchase and if I did it still wouldn't be this one but I was definitely impressed enough to say I would...
  9. juanmedusa

    My new to me Wiley restemmed, Gifted and bombed

    Here is my new to me Wiley freehand cleaned and restemmed. It is 100% Fatman's kindness that I can thank for my possession of this pipe. I had always wanted a Wiley and was gifted this Wiley pipe sans the new stem that is there now. I sent it to Norwood's for cleaning and a restem. I asked...
  10. juanmedusa

    I'm not insulting DDNR.

    Normally when you say that the best thing about a blend is the tin note it's an insult. But the best thing about Dunhill De Luxe Navy Rolls to me is the tin note..... followed directly on its heels by everything else about. What an alluring fragrance there is inside that tin at opening. Wow. I...
  11. juanmedusa

    Gonna see Litto again.

    The local b&m, OVTC,is having a ticketed LFD event that Litto will be attending. It's on September 24 near Falls Church, Virginia. I had to buy my ticket but then I'll get two event only cigars, two 2015 LG cigars and I can roll a bit of the ticket price into further event purchases. I think...
  12. juanmedusa

    Brigham bowl coating, modern pipe.

    I have my first Brigham. A bent billiard type pipe. I figured I'd give a filter pipe a fair shot by trying one that impresses me conceptually. I am finding that I like the pipe. The filter system does not interfere with my normal habits. However, the bowl coating seems to have a unique...
  13. juanmedusa

    Lane tins?

    Is anyone excited for the Lane blends being released in tins? Which ones? Why? Aging?
  14. juanmedusa

    Hearth & Home AJ's VaPer

    I tried to find a specific thread on this one but couldn't. This is a blend I see mentioned a lot when someone is looking for a VaPer so I know quite a few here have tried it. I smoked my first bowl of this in my Brebbia Golden-Extra 4001. It's a straight Dublin with a metal band and rim cap...
  15. juanmedusa

    W.O. Larsen Limited Edition 2015

    I've been trying some aromatics recently and it encouraged me to try a new blend based on description. I thought this one had a superbly appealing description and I expected it to be not too goopy as it is a premium Danish aromatic brand. Here is the description: An exotic offering for 2015...
  16. juanmedusa

    Samuel Gawith Trading Cards?

    I got two quite old tins of Samuel Gawith's Perfection recently. I bought a jar to put the contents of both in. Sometimes with these really old tins I like to pop them and jar them right away. Lets me know if I've lost the seals and have to rehydrate. In this case both tins sucked air! In the...
  17. juanmedusa

    No more room for baccy reorganization project.

    Well, I have a pretty accommodating piece of furniture for all my tobacco related hoarding. It's been my intention to confine my collection to the bounds of this cabinet and really thought it was more than accommodating. As time went on it filled up pretty dramatically to the point where I ran...
  18. juanmedusa


    I have traded samples, received samples, and received payment for product from Eklektos44. Man of his word and quick. What more do you want?
  19. juanmedusa

    My Italian Honeymoon Pipe tour, Crazy picture heavy!

    This is the store front of a pipe shop in Venice. I bought a Savinelli Petite here. Enjoying a bowl in a lovely courtyard with my Savinelli Oscar Lucite Oom Paul. The amazing Fincato Pipe Shop in Rome. Make a point of it if you are near. I bought my second Savinelli Petite here...
  20. juanmedusa

    Deception Pass, let's talk about it.

    I was gifted a sample of this and enjoyed it. I was going to add my positive thoughts on this new blend but found no thread. I'm not the smoker to start a thread like this. We need to get one of our better reviewers to add their thoughts. But, I would say that this was a good smoke for me. I...