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  1. Falcon Puffer

    OK, who's buying all the Heinrich Dark Strong Flake?

    Just get some Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky, in that case, which is the original. I find it better. ;)
  2. Falcon Puffer

    Any keen photographers?

    I'll make sure to read your exposé further up in this thread. ;) Here are 2 pics I took with it. Both were taken without a tripod and neither has been edited in any way: Obviously, I still have much much to learn.
  3. Falcon Puffer

    Looks like a knee replacement coming

    So it's you, the soon to be new Million dollar man!!!! :D :lol:
  4. Falcon Puffer

    Ozark Wizard....

    Happy Birthday!!! :D
  5. Falcon Puffer

    Any keen photographers?

    Stick, there's some really awesome shots you took! WOW! I bought a Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ80 last year, which is supposed to be an excellent entry camera for the beginner that I am. Needless to say, I am far from mastering it, it's a rather complex beast!
  6. Falcon Puffer

    Cut the grass

    Won't be mowing the lawn anytime soon: we have a forecast for 1 foot of snow for today, 90% chances. :suspect:
  7. Falcon Puffer


    I'm just learning what happened to Mike. I sure hope he will be back home soon for a full recovery!
  8. Falcon Puffer

    Easter Blend?

    I've seen Kohlhase & Kopp only that does manufacture a Special Edition for Easter: the "Kohlhase & Kopp Easter Edition 2018". No doubt, it has to be an aromatic: And I've only seen it on German sites.
  9. Falcon Puffer

    Young guy in Boston new to smoking

    Welcome! :D
  10. Falcon Puffer

    Cut the grass

    I am far from being able to mow my lawn! :face:
  11. Falcon Puffer

    Peterson Summertime pipes?

    Summer is associated with colors. So Peterson are creating colorful pipes. ;)
  12. Falcon Puffer

    Has anyone tried growing their own tobacco?

    I am actually considering going through that door in the near future.
  13. Falcon Puffer

    What's Your Favorite Peterson (or Any Other) Shape?

    There are some really nice pictures! I'm not a fan of the P-Lip, for having had a couple. For those you bought one, or more, an option is to contact Peterson and send them the pipe for a stem change. ;)
  14. Falcon Puffer

    G.L Pease Picks...

    I think Gaslight is among the ones that have the most. Probably Quiet Nights as well. I love the GL Pease blends. As well as the C&D. But I cannot smoke them anymore. I do not know if it's their tobaccos, or the anti-fungus agent, or something else, but they highly irritate my gums to the point...
  15. Falcon Puffer

    Hello from Poland!

    Welcome! :D
  16. Falcon Puffer

    Hello from Kentucky

    Welcome, Steve! Indeed, our world has changed, and not so much changed while you were on your hiatus.
  17. Falcon Puffer

    Favorite Lakeland Aromatic Tobacco

    That would be: Ennerdale, Ennerdale and Ennerdale. :D
  18. Falcon Puffer

    What's Your Favorite Peterson (or Any Other) Shape?

    Having received a 221 shape recently, and having also the B10 (Calabash), the 03 and the x220, I do admit I have developed a very soft spot for the 221. In an image: I find this shape extremely well proportioned. Being a Group 4, the size is ideal for me. Its lines make it just so, in a word...
  19. Falcon Puffer

    Irish Blessings

    May you spend a half hour in Heaven before the Devil knows you're dead. :D