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  1. Fight'n Hampsters

    Black Friday TAD

    1 lb 3 Sails 6 tins Penny Farthing 8 oz Haunted Bookshop 2 oz Telegraph Hill
  2. Fight'n Hampsters

    6 and 7 year old FVF for sale **Now in 50g bundles for $15**

    I am looking to sell most of my stash of FVF.  Nothing wrong with it, I have just lost my taste for it.  It has been cellared for 6 to 7 years in the mason jars as shown in a plastic tub under my bed, so it has been temperature controlled. It is showing some good signs of crystallizing, and I...
  3. Fight'n Hampsters

    What is your quintessential summer blend?

    Tastes are different...all subjective...YMMV  of course. That being said, what blend do you think of and love to smoke in Summer. Mine is Haddo's Delight hands down. I smoke it year round but particularly love it in the hot summer months. Yours?
  4. Fight'n Hampsters

    Golden Triangle TAD!!! (w/ two mini reviews)

    Been waiting for a while to get these, going back and forth with whether or not I should.  Glad I finally pulled the trigger.  Really neat idea to get to see what the different growing regions distinct flavor is like. Sorry, the pic is obnoxiously large.  :oops:
  5. Fight'n Hampsters

    Game of Thones

    Anyone watch the series?
  6. Fight'n Hampsters

    BIG 'UN (pics added)

    I buy big orders maybe once a year, and, well, it was time. At least thats what I tell myself :lol: all are 2oz tins (cost a bit more but great for cellaring) Billy Budd Blonde x3 Briar Fox x3 Seersucker x1 Union Square x1 Triple Play x6 Jack Knife Plug x 1 Haddos Delight x 2 Fillmore x 3...
  7. Fight'n Hampsters

    Abscence Makes the Tounge Grow Fonder??

    On January 20 I slipped and fell on some ice at work causing me to strain my neck vary badly and receive a mild concussion. Bad stuff. Because of that I was bedridden for three weeks and touch and go for another couple. Don’t get me started on how much of a joke workers comp facilities are...
  8. Fight'n Hampsters

    Capstan in The Dirty Dozen

    Watching The Dirty Dozen on Netflix. At the 1:25 and 28 second mark, a Jeep with the gang rolls by a drugstore. On the wall of the drugstore is a big ad for Capstan. I thought that was pretty cool. Great movie!
  9. Fight'n Hampsters

    Billy Budd Blonde

    Purchased a tin this month and had a few bowls. I was quite impressed! it is a strong and robust smoke. Really liked the cigar leaf. It is the first blend I have ever tried that is a mix of ribbon with big chunks of flake. I have never had the regular Billy Budd because I dont like Latakia...
  10. Fight'n Hampsters

    Shop recommendations in St Louis?

    I'm going to St. Louis this week and I want to see if there are any shops worth stopping in. Any recommendations would be appreciated !
  11. Fight'n Hampsters

    GL Pease No Longer Blending?

    Read in a post on here that someone heard through the grapevine that Pease has retired from blending and is letting C&D keep producing his current blends. Anyone have any insider info on this?
  12. Fight'n Hampsters

    Hearth & Home at Smokingpipes.com?

    Just noticed the that Russ's blends are available on Smokingpipes. Have they always been? I just assumed that since they were Pipes&cigars house blends that they were exclusive to P&C.
  13. Fight'n Hampsters

    Easter Blend?

    One can by different 'themed' tobacco for different times of year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. There are even Summer special edition blends. Does anyone have any blends they like to smoke for Easter? Or has anyone heard of any blends made for/ marketed toward Easter? :albino:
  14. Fight'n Hampsters

    Why Einstein loved his pipe

  15. Fight'n Hampsters

    Do you clean directly after smoking or let it cool?

    I tend to clean my pipe right after smoking but read in another post that another gentleman does so after it cools. Never thought of that. Which do you do? any benefits to one vs the other that you can think of?
  16. Fight'n Hampsters

    Vauen Oxford Blend?

    Anybody ever have this?  No reviews yet at tr.  I love Earl Grey tea and from the description this sounds like it would have that flavor.  Intrigued... https://www.smokingpipes.com/pipe-tobacco/vauen/Oxford-Blend-50g/product_id/246982
  17. Fight'n Hampsters

    In Praise of Chenet"s Cake

    Man o man.  Had a bowl last night after letting it sit in a jar for a while.  This stuff is fantastic!  If you like Haddo's, Chenet's is like Haddo's plus.  Can't recommend it enough.
  18. Fight'n Hampsters

    New C&D blends from HP Lovecraft?

    I like to check on smokingpipes every now and again by checking "recently added" in the tobacco tab. I saw some there that I have not heard of before that make reference to Lovecraft stories and seem to make use of various orientals. For this alone they sound interesting. Anyone know more...
  19. Fight'n Hampsters

    Anyone gotten sick from mold or "plume"?

    I smoked some aged FVF last night that had been sealed for 5 years that had a little bit of mold/ plume on it. It was pretty good, no ill effects. I don't want to rehash the mold vs plume debate here but was curious if anyone has smoked some tobacco with one or the other and then gotten sick...
  20. Fight'n Hampsters

    Shag vs Ribbon? (Related to Haddo's Delight)

    Has anyone found a difference in how they burn or taste?