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  1. mattia76

    A couple of Old Comoy's Questions

    Hey fellas, I just got this old Comoy's Case and Bowl in a lot. As you can see, it is missing a stem. As my collection is becoming all things Olde and English, I'm thinking about getting a replacement stem made for this. The hallmark is a lowercase "n" which is either from 1908 or 1928. I...
  2. mattia76

    Viking Pipe Club of Saint Louis to meet Tuesday, Dec 17 2013

    Hey all you Brothers of the Briar in the greater St. Louis area!! You should stop making excuses, and come to the Viking Pipe Club of Saint Louis. We meet on Tuesday nights about once a month at Brennan's in the Central West End (4659 Marlyand Ave., 63108) from 7-10 p.m. Our agenda is never...
  3. mattia76

    Viking Pipe Club of Saint Louis to meet Tuesday, Aug 27 2013

    Sorry for the late notice boys. We will be meeting tomorrow night at Brennan's in the Central West End 4659 Maryland Ave, 63108 from 7-10 p.m. The only agenda item we ever entertain is hanging out and smoking and drinking. Over the last 5 years we've seen over 100 different faces, but...
  4. mattia76

    Any Brothers of the Briar going to the Chicago Show?

    I would love to hang with everyone. My buddies from Springfield and I will have 3 tables full of estate pipes, accessories and, get this, SNUFF! The really, really good snuff too. Should be fun.
  5. mattia76

    New Packing Method

    My friend Ethan (maybe known as The Foolish around here) showed me this a couple of months back at Viking Pipe Club. He told us where he picked it up, but a lot of people have been using it around here with very positive results (though I put a twist on it). Basically it goes like this: 1...
  6. mattia76

    25th Annual St. Louis Gateway Pipe Show:Saturday 2/16/2013

    Guys, it's that time of year again. It's time for the first major pipe show of the year, and I love that it's always right in my back yard. If you have never a)been to any pipe show or b) been to the St. Louis show, let me just enlighten you on a few things. IT IS INCREDIBLE. You never...
  7. mattia76

    I just made a deal

    For these 8 tins of tobacco. All of them have at least 10 years of age and the Rattray's have 15+!! -Esoterica Margate English -Peterson Irish Whiskey -Dan Tobacco ? Da Vinci -Dan Tobacco ? Gordon Pym -Edgeworth Sliced -Samuel Gawith Commonwealth Mixture -Rattray's Old Gowrie -Rattray/s...
  8. mattia76

    Jorgen Larsen Pipes: Jorgen L brand and High-Grade Stokkebye

    Hey guys. So over the last year my collection has become more and more Danish-centered. When I first got into collecting, I wouldn't have guessed that was coming at all. I was into chunky Italians and classic Brits. But then I got a couple of old 1960's W.O. Larsen pipes from Copenhagen and...
  9. mattia76

    Dunhill Question for the experts

    Hey guys, I just picked up what I believe to be a 1985 Dunhill 5405 in the Chestnut finish w/ a cumberland stem. The only problem is that "Dunhill" isn't stamped anywhere on the pipe. What it DOES have is: -5405 -MADE IN ENGLAND25 -the Dunhill white spot on the stem-which appears in every way...
  10. mattia76

    Smoked my David Jones Handmade for the first time

    Hey guys, Anybody out there own a David Jones pipe? Man-O-Man, I just smoked my new Apple-Shaped Bent Billiard for the first time and it was STUNNING! This one is probably a Dunhill Group 6 in size, which means it's big, but not as big as David's usual pipes these days, from what I can tell...
  11. mattia76

    Mysterious "J R" "Hand Made" pipes. Ever heard of these?

    Hey fellas, I just found 3 of these pipes. All well- made and obviously enjoyed. All say "J R" and "Hand Made" and "Straight Grain" One says "imported Briar" as well. Anyone know anything about these like a maker or where they're from? Thanks!
  12. mattia76

    BBB Own Make "Perfection"??

    Hey guys, Just got my first BBB pipe, an Own Make Perfection bulldog. I can't find anything about the Perfection line. It's got some tight grain and no fills that I can see. Anyone know anything?
  13. mattia76

    Recommendation for pipe-men that can de-oxidize some stems

    Hey guys, I need some help with finding pimple who can buff some oxidized stems for me at reasonable prices. Any experienced recommendations?
  14. mattia76

    Absolutely LOVIN the Tudor Castle from McClellands

    I've had this tin open for a couple of months. Tudor Castle absolutely SINGS in my Radice Twin Bore Billiard. It's about a group 5 in size. For some reason, all the great sweetness and fullness of Tudor Castle really comes out in this pipe, with none of the bite you can get in a VA. Anyone...
  15. mattia76

    Tinsky deserves his props!

    These just came back to me today, and I couldn't be more pleased! I contacted Mark about 3 weeks ago wanting to get this Castello lovat (new shape fetish) opened up. I had heard that the ones from the mid-80's and before could be a bit restricted, but I still took a chance on this little...
  16. mattia76

    New Sara Eltang Blasted Dublin!

    Hey guys, This just came in the mail. It is light as a feather and the bowl is deep, but narrow. I'm thinking flakes once it's broken in. I was instantly in love. Smoked it twice today. Dry and tasty. Is there even a breaking in for Eltang pipes?[/url] [/img] [/url] [/img] [/url] [/img]
  17. mattia76

    AK + TS = a blend that makes me all warm on the inside.

    Hey guys, So at this stage of my pipe smoking, I would say that 90% of the time I stay away from aromatics and instead focus on light englishes or virginias--but only if they contain a bit of what I call "natural sweetness". I can't get into 965, have only had 1 bowl of chelsea morning that I...
  18. mattia76


    So I picked up 3 Jost pipes last week at an estate sale here in St. Louis. Two of them are Jost Supremes and my favorite is a long group-1 billiard, covered in birdseye, called a "Jost's Olde English Supreme" that was made in England. It looks really cool and smokes like a dream and it's got me...
  19. mattia76

    Savinelli question

    So I just picked up what I believe to be an old Savinelli Punto Oro, numbered shape 1011 EX--a classic Billiard shape. It's a beauty. Somewhere in the last few years I came to believe that four-digit Savinelli's are dated to pre-1965 (excluding the non-pareil and dry system lines). Yet when I...
  20. mattia76

    Beautiful new Armellini with one small problem...

    Hey guys, Just picked up a sweet new Armellini that looks like a dream come true. But the draw is terrible: like a P-lip, but without those benefits. I've determined that the problem is in the stem. It's a full-bent, almost Oom Paul with a stem that I'm pretty sure is vulcanite. I was...