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  1. roogles

    Hello & Fond Memories!

    Hello all. It's been ages since I've been able to actively participate on the BoB.   My job changed, kids are growing up and involved in more and more stuff, and life doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. I was looking at the TimeHop app on my phone this morning and discovered that 4 years...
  2. roogles

    Still around and summer plans

    Not that anyone has been wondering where I've been, but I realized today that it's been a long while since I've taken time to post here at BoB. School is out now, which means that the kids are running rampant. My oldest two just finished second grade and kindergarten respectively, and our...
  3. roogles

    My tobacco "shelf"

    I took a little bit of time this evening to reorganize and catalog my tobacco "cellar" which is more of a tiny shelf in a retro metal cabinet. Since I was in there organizing it and checking seals I thought I'd take a photo to share while it looked all spiffy. I know... It's tiny. The...
  4. roogles

    The Shadow Strikes Again (Again!)

    This Shadow character has been a really busy guy this week. I got home from work today and was greeted by an accusing question from the wife... "What did you order? A box came for you today..." (Yes, she really did verbally bold the word box) Knowing that I hadn't ordered anything, I knew...
  5. roogles

    Going out with a laugh

    A very close friend of mine lost his mother on Monday. I will be making the trip to Cincinnati this weekend to attend her funeral. Although I never met her, I couldn't help but grin like an idiot at her obituary... It begins... The entirety can be found here - Barbara Lewin Obituary It...
  6. roogles

    brothers between Southern Ohio & Atlanta

    I'm leaving in the morning to drive to a conference in Atlanta this weekend. The conference is Friday evening and Saturday morning/afternoon, and then I'm driving home on Sunday. It's about an 11 hour drive, which will take me through or near Morehead, Lexington & Berea (KY) and Knoxville &...
  7. roogles

    I'm hit!

    Walked into the office this morning to find this little package lying on my desk. Very unexpected, and much appreciated! I didn't even know any of you fellas had my address!
  8. roogles

    Mom's Birthday

    Since I'm at the computer all day, everyday, at work I haven't been spending much time surfing or browsing BoB on the weekends - hence this post today instead of tomorrow. My Mom passed away in November last year of cancer. She was 54. Tomorrow is her birthday. As well as I feel like I'm...
  9. roogles

    Summer Sucks - C'mon fall!

    Not really sure where to post this - as it's a bit random with a few grouchy statements to set it up. 1. I'm a very large dude. I sweat a lot. I hate summer. 2. Hot drinks, smoking pipes and cigars, and caffeine seem to make the above more miserable. 3. I like smoking pipes and drinking...
  10. roogles

    Some oddities

    Last night a long time friend called me wanting to get together to just chat, hang out, and share some smokes and drinks. My friend's grandfather passed away before he and I met, and his grandmother has recently been moved into an assisted living facility, so he and his siblings have been...
  11. roogles

    Melvin the mini machine

    This is totally random, but since the operator of this contraption is a pipe smoker (or at least a clencher) I thought it would be worth sharing here. - Not sure how to embed a vimeo link, so I'm just posting it - http://vimeo.com/40539993
  12. roogles

    tobacco is a dirty weed...

    While flea-marketing a couple of weeks ago I ran across an old wooden match dispenser (the kind that hangs on the wall and you dump bulk wooden matches in). It was in really bad shape, falling apart, and semi-nasty, but it had this excellent decal on it. If it had been one dollar, I'd have...
  13. roogles

    Old habits

    Over the Easter weekend, I had the opportunity to hang out with some extended family including my father and grandfather (Dad & Papaw respectively). It is known in the family that I'm a pipe smoker, although I don't often smoke around the family. Of my Papaw's 12 siblings, three of his...
  14. roogles

    MacBaren Vanilla Cream Flake

    Just recently EC Outlaw had a few tins of tobacco that didn't agree with him up for free in the Trading Post. I ended up with a tin of MacBaren Vanilla Cream Flake from him, and wanted to share some thoughts here... First of all, this is the first flake tobacco that I've had - and even...
  15. roogles


    Two weeks ago my wife went on a "girl's trip" to Cincinnati to spend a day bouncing between IKEA and Jungle Jims. She returned with cardboard boxes aplenty, bringing me the promise of sore fingers and more shiny new alan wrenches than I would know what to do with, but also bearing gifts of the...
  16. roogles

    A Zippo Tale

    A zippo tale I believe I've mentioned in other posts that in 2009 I had a great uncle pass away who was a life-long pipe smoker. We didn't see much of each other, or really spend much QT together, and I didn't really get into pipe smoking until after his passing… My father (his nephew) moved...
  17. roogles


    I just picked up a no-name basket pipe from Geoff. It came quickly, was packaged perfectly, and is in great shape! A fantastic transaction! I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Geoff again!
  18. roogles

    server uptime

    At work this morning I was modifying some files on an external DNS server and noticed that it hadn't been restarted in a while. Five years, nine months, and twenty days ago I powered that server up - and it's still ticking... March 31, 2006. I have two kids with uptime way less than this...
  19. roogles

    City by the Bay

    The week after next I am making the annual pilgrimage to San Francisco for the MacWorld Conference and Expo. (Jan 23-25 at the Moscone Center) This will be my 15th time to San Fran (in 11 years), but it will be my first time out that way since becoming a regular pipe smoker. That being the...
  20. roogles

    decent quality everyday pipes

    I'm looking to get one (or a couple) of decent quality everyday smoking pipes... I've read tons of posts on here about peterson, sav, dunhill, standwell, and others and I know what kinds of pipes I prefer as far as style, finish, etc... My current pipe collection (which is tiny compared to...