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  1. AJ

    Allyby It’s Your Birthday

    Happy Birthday! Hope it’s the best ever! AJ
  2. AJ


    Our brother Michael (Monbla256) is in the hospital. He went in last Sunday night and had another close call. He was apparently hemorrhiging somewhere in his digestive tract. It is believed one of the blood thinners that he's on exacerbated the problem. Hopefully he's out of immediate danger and...
  3. AJ


    I've been absent for about three months and missed the opportunity to welcome all the newcomers to the BOB. The best way I know to welcome everyone is to now say "Welcome to the BoB. I hope you'll find this forum the to be the most informative and friendliest site on the web. Please feel free to...
  4. AJ

    How Dedicated Are You?

    Dedicating a pipe to a specific blend is something I very rarely do. I do, however, dedicate some pipes to a specific genre of tobacco. I have some pipes that I only use to smoke a Lakeland blend, or a blend with Latakia, and of course there are pipes dedicated to Ginny Weed. I've had a Mastro...
  5. AJ

    What Makes Your Pipe So Special?

    While meditating with a bowl of Dockworker assisting me with the task I began thinking about my pipe collection and which pipes hold special significance to me. One came to the forefront immediately. It's a 1995 Comoy's Christmas Pipe. It's a full bent billiard that smokes very good but delivers...
  6. AJ

    Happy Birthday Fazby

    Happy Birthday! May it be the best one ever. :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: AJ
  7. AJ

    Happy Birthday allyby

    Hey ol' boy it's your birthday. Hope it's a great one. :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: AJ
  8. AJ

    Happy Birthday Mozjo33

    Yo Mo Happy Birthday! Another year and it's the BIG 5-0. Hope today will be the best ever. :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: AJ
  9. AJ

    Tobacco What and Why?

    What is your absolute without a doubt favorite blend and why? We all know you wouldn't be smoking it if it didn't taste good, so please give more detail. Is it the complexity, soothness, nicotine level, creaminess, sourness, sweetness, type of tobacco within, or some other reason? Maybe it...
  10. AJ

    A Word About Perettii's DD Blend

    This blend deserves a lot more recognition than it gets. It's one of my top three favorite Burley Blends. HU Tobacco Makhuwah and Nashville County being the other two. DD is the sweetest of the three and maybe the smoothest. Three of our Brothers have posted their review on TR and they all rated...
  11. AJ

    Happy Birthday Gus

    Happy Birthday Gus. Should be a fine day on the Island to have a big celebration. Hope it's a good one. :) AJ
  12. AJ

    Happy Birthday nismo270r

    Yep it's come around again. I hope it's the best one ever. Happy Birthday brother. :cheers: :bounce: :cheers: :bounce: :cheers: AJ
  13. AJ

    What Makes A Pipe A Great Smoker?

    Why do some pipes smoke so much better than others? I've been giving this some thought rencently and have tried to decide just what element of engineering has the biggest effect on how a pipe smokes. It is bowl material, shape of the chamber, the placement of the draft hole, the diameter of the...
  14. AJ

    Does Anyone Know?

    Does anyone know what's the story with Nathan Mattia and his web site Viking Club Pipes? The site has had the same three pipes listed for several months. I was wondering if he's been sick or suffered some tragedy? He always has some really nice estate pipes at reasonable prices. I surely hope...
  15. AJ

    Pipe Shape Chart

    This link will take you to a pipe shape chart. Click on the shape and the defining characteristics of that shape are given. CLICK HERE :) AJ EDIT: Maybe the Administrator would like to make this a Sticky?
  16. AJ

    Happy Birthday AlphaWarrior

    Hey man it's your birthday. Hope it's the best ever. :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: AJ
  17. AJ

    Former's Cross Grain Flake (Review)

    I'm posting my review of this tobacco because in another thread fishnbanjo wrote that he had never tried it. Well I was going to send him a link to JimInk's review but alas he hasn't reviewed it. So here goes: Upon opening the tin I could smell dark fruit and real honest to goodness pure gold...
  18. AJ


    Mars Cigars and Pipes has Former's Bird's Eye Flake in stock for only $7.90 per tin. They had my favorite (Cross Grain Flake) in stock but I grabbed all they had. This after swearing blind, at least a dozen + times, that I wasn't going to buy more tobacco.  :fpalm: AJ
  19. AJ

    Impressive Lighter!

    I've griped and whined before about lighters that have to be refueled everyday or two. I have a Nimrod Commander that allows me to go 4-5 days without refilling but I wanted a butane lighter that would go more than a day and a half before it needed to be refilled. My IMC Old Boy is a well made...
  20. AJ

    Merry Christmas

    I'll be traveling today and tomorrow before returning home. It appears that  I'm going to be very busy during Christmas. My daughters and all of my grandkids will be coming to my home Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This will be the first time in many years that all of my remaining family will...