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  1. Fumus

    Snipe Hunt

    One of our cats apparently went on a snipe hunt the other nite.   Not only did he find one, but he brought it back alive and left it on our door step.  I was impressed to say the least. As a blood thirsty little heathen growing up on a ranch, I burned through Lord only knows how many shot...
  2. Fumus

    Through the circle, fast and slow (long post)

    This deer season, for the first time in three years, I felt I would have enough time to warrant buying a western Oregon general season buck tag. And although no meat went in the freezer, I wouldn’t trade this season for anything. I was able to take one of my sons with me for the first time this...
  3. Fumus

    Mr. Burley MIA?

    Anyone heard from Richard Burley recently? Tried to send him a PM to make sure he wasn't upside down in a ditch somewhere, and got the "not accepting pms message. :afro:
  4. Fumus


    I'm working my way through the teaching program at a local university and beginning to feel like they're jerking me around. Aside from finding a different school, I'm wondering what other recourse I might have as a student. It's only one department that's causing me grief, so really don't want...
  5. Fumus

    Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.

    Hello all. Realized it's been awhile since I logged in. Thought I should remedy that before folks started to think I was toes up in the rhubarb. Life on my end has been eventful to say the least, but as I have been lurking off and on, I can see that I certainly don't have a corner on that...
  6. Fumus

    Oom Paul sighting?

    Was watching Anthony Bourdain's "Parts unknown" Season 8, Episode 8 "Rome", and about 13 1/2 minutes in my middle child yells PIPE!!! Had to rewind and take a second look, but sure enough there was a man with a pipe. Looked like an oom paul to me, but perhaps those more versed in pipe...
  7. Fumus

    Seattle pipe shop recomendations?

    Swmbo is in Seattle till Tuesday and sent me a text asking if there were any pipe shops she could visit while she's in the area.  Told her that I didn't personally know what was up there, but would reach out to my more knowledgeable brothers for suggestions.  As I understand it she is on the...
  8. Fumus

    Back again

    Just wanted to take a quick moment to say "Hey" to everyone. Been away for awhile with school and work and family and...well, you know how it goes. Anyway, should be able to drop in a bit more frequently now.
  9. Fumus

    Target of opportunity or PAD ambush?

    Took my better half out for breakfast this morning.  There's a wonderful little diner in the next small town over from ours (maybe a five or ten minute drive over the hill from our house), that has an excellent chicken fried steak for $8.00 that is big enough, it's about all I can do to wrap...
  10. Fumus


    MAN DOWN!:shock: So I get home from work and some school related errands a little later than expected, and the moment I open the door of my pickup, my oldest hollers at me from the front porch that "delivery guys been showing up all day dropping off packages! What the heck's going on??"  I've...
  11. Fumus

    Its fortification, not self medication.

    Got a ton of school work in front of me, all due by Sunday at midnight.  Can feel the stress of impending deadlines starting to build, so reach for a favorite pipe and fill with some Hobbits Weed, pour myself a finger or two of inspiration, grab the headphones and fire up a fine rendition of...
  12. Fumus

    Next chapter

    In 1996 I left college with an associate of applied science in journalism and promptly got married. 20 years and three children later, I'm still married to the same good woman and going back to school. Classes start tomorrow and, if all goes as planned, by August of next year I'll have...
  13. Fumus

    Thanks giving video

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe>
  14. Fumus

    Two weeks later...

    "Bullets are flying from a young mans hands.  People are dying, no one understands".        A line from "St. Roch blues" by Hurray for the Riff Raff. So its been a little over two weeks now since the shooting at our local college.  I have been meaning to write a response to all the kind...
  15. Fumus

    My home town

    Been watching the news today about the shooting at our local community college. Hell of a thing. Sounds like at least 10 dead and 20 or so wounded. Small town like ours, everyone knows or is related to (or both) everyone else either directly or at most through one or maybe two degrees of...
  16. Fumus


    Last December I posted my first foray into the world of bombing, explaining how I had stealthily swooped down on an unsuspecting older gentleman in my neighborhood named Norbert and blasted him with a pouch of Prince Albert.  As was also explained in that post, Norbert retaliated with raised...
  17. Fumus

    McClelland's Balkan Sunrise?

    With BnM's being about as rare hens teeth around here, I took the opportunity to visit one I found on line while I was up north visiting the state capitol earlier this week. Picked up an ounce of bulk tobacco that they claimed was "McClelland's Balkan Sunrise". Thing is, I wasn't able to find...
  18. Fumus

    Salem Oregon BnM pipe shops?

    Looks like Ill be stopping in Salem on my way north to Battle Ground, and was wondering if anyone here knew where I might be able to feed my TAD while I'm there (either Salem or Battle Ground)? :afro:
  19. Fumus


    Quick question gentlemen and ladies: Has anyone tried Decatur Briar-Fresh Airway cleaner, and if so, what did you think about it? Would dabbing a bit of it on a piece of paper towel and swabbing out the bowl as well, be good idea for occasional cleaning? :afro:
  20. Fumus

    Suspect I may be over thinking things

    So, here I am nine months into my pipe smoking adventure and while I'm still enjoying it immensely, I definitely do not feel as though I have "arrived".  By "arrived" I mean gotten to that point where the actions involved are almost automatic and without a lot of conscious thought.  Kinda like...