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  1. Stan1999

    Revived blends not the same

    Hello all, Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, do your dried out blends that you've re moisturized taste a little flat? I think I've read that the tobacco oils evaporate once the water content lowers...I'm pretty sure this tin of Presbyterian I dried out a while ago (on a...
  2. Stan1999

    Windproof lighters/outdoors technique

    New to replying so I might be doing something wrong. First off, thanks to everyone for replying! @Corncobcon that's crazy you're able to use matches in the must have big hands?! I take it you light your lighter/matches in the hand cupped area? If I ever try this I'll be sure to...
  3. Stan1999

    Windproof lighters/outdoors technique

    Hey guys, Basically a first post and new piper here, been at it very slowly over the past year or so. Due to reasons, I am forced to smoke outdoors and have been having a bit of difficulty lately. The biggest concern is currently clenching leading to headaches, but I believe this one is...
  4. Stan1999

    Hello from Vancouver, BC

    Hey all, Just thought I'd say hello, new member signed up from Vancouver BC. Weathers been great lately but it is definitely getting colder. Found a great spot to smoke outdoors on the Fraser River, turns out that when the tide goes way out in the mornings there are these little wind shelter...