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  1. riff raff

    Does anyone remember George Dibos?

    George has a habit of drifting in and out of various pipe forums. He's the man when it comes to pipe stems, there's no one better (in the world?).
  2. riff raff

    The Expanse. Is it the best?

    Yep, everyone, one of my favorite shows.
  3. riff raff

    The Expanse. Is it the best?

    Season 4 is on Amazon in a few days, sounds promising.
  4. riff raff

    FS: GBD's

    9456 is the last one available.
  5. riff raff

    FS: GBD's

    The two pipes with active pictures are definitely still available
  6. riff raff

    Bucket List Pipe at the West Coast Pipe Show

    A Balleby is a big step up to the top of the artisan ladder - congratulations!
  7. riff raff

    FS: GBD's

  8. riff raff

    FS: GBD's

    All Pipes have been cleaned, and by my standard, ready to smoke. Paypal only, net to seller. Shipped via USPS 1st Class, other options available at buyers request Tracking provided. GBD 9456 New Era $59 Shipped Pre-Cadogan era pipe with brass rondell I love these New Era grade pipes, the briar...
  9. riff raff

    Carving bead rings in bent bulldog/rhodesian

    Definitely use a lathe.
  10. riff raff


    Pipe has been cleaned, and by my standard, ready to smoke Paypal only, net to me Shipped via USPS 1st Class, with tracking provided (other shipping options available at buyers discretion/cost) GBD New Standard 206 Bulldog SOLD Wonderful, smaller bulldog. Excellent stem and button...
  11. riff raff

    How many new roofs?

    Bought a home in 89, put a roof on that house in the mid 90's (that home had 12 locust trees surrounding the house, for decades). Built a new home in 1999, still on that roof. I lose a few shingles every winter. My neighbor is a contractor, he said it has five years left and I'll need him...
  12. riff raff

    Ordered new sun glasses...amazing!

    That sounds like a pretty good value.
  13. riff raff

    Ordered new sun glasses...amazing!

    I tend to keep my sunglasses for two or three decades, so I don't mind paying a premium. I keep them so long, they come back in style, eventually (not that it matters....) I used to be a Ray-Ban fan, but now it is hard to find a pair with wire-core temples (a must have) I did finally locate...
  14. riff raff

    Charred pipe rims...need advice

    Only a wooden match for my pipes, I also don't want any scorch marks. A match gets the tobacco just smoldering, which I find better for flavor and it's a lot more gentle on the tongue.
  15. riff raff

    Greetings from New Orleans!

    Welcome from Maryland. We get to the NOLA area with some frequency to visit the daughter (now on the North Shore). They have a pretty active pipe club, they meet in the Meterie area.
  16. riff raff

    The Expanse. Is it the best?

    I'm still rooting for the stars of the Solar Federation.
  17. riff raff

    The Expanse. Is it the best?

    Season 4 is supposed to be out on Amazon by the end of 2019. Hopefully in the Fall, I have no time for tv in the summer (well, F1)
  18. riff raff

    Pipe Smoking Women

    Granny Hawkins always knew what to say.
  19. riff raff

    JW Broad Street (Sasieni) Restoration

    Thanks folks, I have a fondness for restoring Sasieni 2nd's.