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  1. idbowman

    Getting more into smokeless

    Nasal snuff has become as much a hobby for me as pipe smoking...the variety out there is absolutely astounding. Don't get me wrong - I still light a pipe whenever I have time, but it's nasal snuff (and Swedish snus) that get me through the workday (or anywhere else the anti-smoking brigade have...
  2. idbowman

    Anyone Else Following Carlsen-Caruana?

    8 matches, 8 draws...4 to go. I haven't been able to follow live, but I've been reading the recaps and "watching" move-by-move once they're posted afterwards. Looked like Caruana was going to take a full point today - way up on time with Carlsen playing a step behind all match.
  3. idbowman

    Which will it be?

    This used to be a hard question for me to answer, but my tastes seem to have settled in to a very clear top 5, and within that a clear top 2. GLP Telegraph Hill My personal concoction: 30% red VA ribbon, 30% perique, 20% toasted burley, 20% white burley. Fortunately, I have a pound and half...
  4. idbowman

    What are you snuffing?

    Head cold around the holidays? Toque Camphor & Clove to the rescue! Tonight, I'll turn to my tried and true remedy - a few big pinches of Dholakia Medicated #10, a hot and steamy shower, then a quick shot of whiskey and honey (the drink...not the snuff) before crawling into bed. Right as...
  5. idbowman

    3-5 year old Perique

    It's perique - it'll make EVERYTHING better! Ok...maybe not Middleton's Cherry.
  6. idbowman

    What are you snuffing?

    Been away from snuff for a bit, but came back to it WITH A VENGEANCE in the past few weeks. Toque Camphor and Clove for me today, probably some Rosinksi Alter Fritz tonght. (by the way - the cheese and bacon ain't half bad. Tried it on a lark thinking it would be a gross little novelty -...
  7. idbowman

    Baby Nater arrived today!!!

    Congrats! Glad to see everyone's happy and healthy!
  8. idbowman

    Happy birthday PB!

    Happy Birthday, PB...hope you're well wherever you are, you cranky ol' goat!
  9. idbowman

    NASPC Show

    It seems like every year, when we're outside smoking, we end up saying "I wish they had this LAST weekend - it was breezy and 10 degrees cooler."'s a week earlier this year - so we'll see how that plays out. High of 78 with some morning showers is in the forecast - if that holds...
  10. idbowman

    Cardiac Lab Results & Weight Loss Journal

    100 pounds? Achievable, enough. About three years ago, I dropped 120 in 15 months - got of my butt, paid a little attention to what I was eating, and a whole lot of attention to why I was eating. Of course, then I started feeling cocky about the progress, took the foot off the gas, and have...
  11. idbowman

    NASPC Show

    Anyone headed to the NASPC pipe show in Columbus, OH this weekend? I'll be there all day Saturday, hopefully for most the evening Friday as well. If you're around, let me know - it'd be great to sit and have a bowl!
  12. idbowman

    How was your weather today?

    Way. Too. Hot.
  13. idbowman

    I'm going home!

    Congrats, Rande! I'm not one for the heat, but if that's your thing I can't imagine a better spot! Just watch out for those scorpions!
  14. idbowman


    Kudos to all of the parents out there - I can't imagine doing the things you do - but I've never once regretted our decision to go through life as a two-income, no-kid household (as selfish as that may seem).
  15. idbowman

    What are you smoking?

    I'm headed out for our local pipe club meeting...seems like a McC 40th Anniversary kind of evening. Planning to smoke it in a Todd Harris bent bulldog.
  16. idbowman

    i bought a mill

    I could pretty much lose an arm just looking at something like that. Infinite respect for those of you who can, you know, do stuff for yourselves.
  17. idbowman

    Preparing for a Move

    Just moved last summer. Rande already gave you the best advice there is...I'd just add that with mason jars and pipes, there's no such thing as too much bubble wrap. I had a bunch of tins, too...I keep them in three-drawer plastic shelves (you know the kind - cheap and easy from a local...
  18. idbowman

    My new (old) album is ready!

    I still keep Bobby Dancer and the Downbeats in the car...I'd be thrilled to get a copy of this one, too.
  19. idbowman

    Greetings from Minneapolis

    Welcome aboard. I was just up your way for a company meeting in St. Paul a few weeks ago - I hadn't been to the Twin Cities in at least 15 years and there is SO much going on there now...would love to go back sometime!
  20. idbowman

    tiny house

    Always though the same. I need space. I love space. I lived for 25 years in a 900sqft house that felt like the walls were closing in. Last summer we bought a 1900sqft place and I wish we'd have gone bigger...I think I'd need 2500 to be really comfortable. It's not about wanting big or...