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  1. Wet Dottle

    Accessories Wanted Want to trade for some McClelland Christmas Cheer?

    I have a few tins of Christmas Cheer from 2015, 2016, and 2017 that I would consider trading for other blends. What I'm looking for mostly are Gawith Hoggarth's blends like #7 Broken Flake, Bright CR Flake, and Scotch Flake, but would be willing to take some others as well. They would have to be...
  2. Wet Dottle

    Pipe For Sale Rare and extinct tobacco tins for sale

    Hello to all. I have a few Latakia delights for sale: Dunhill Early Morning 50g - $100 Dunhill London Mixture 50g - $100 Dunhill Nightcap 50g - $100 Ashton Celebrated Sovereign 50g - $100 Ashton Old Dog 50g - $100 Butera Pelican 50g - $100 Smokers Haven Our Best Blend 8oz - $350 The Dunhill...
  3. Wet Dottle

    Need a pipe rack

    I need a pipe rack like this: Does anyone know where I can get one, or order one custom made? I'm looking for advice from someone who got one of these new and would recommend the maker/seller. Thanks.
  4. Wet Dottle

    Finding tobacco release dates

    Is there a way to find out when a certain tobacco was first sold in the US? As you know, FDA regulations are going to severely impact the availability of blends that appeared after 2007. I would like to know if there is an easy way to determine if a certain blend falls in the FDA bleach bucket...
  5. Wet Dottle

    Somerset Slices Gone.

    Called Peretti for an order of Somerset Slices and was told they don't make it anymore. Sad, sad day. :cry:
  6. Wet Dottle

    Fun contest

    I have an item in the Trading Post, a razor that was photographed on top of a map. The first to post here what the map is about, i.e., the event that is depicted there, will win a tin of Dunhill Nightcap. Note that the razor has already been sold.
  7. Wet Dottle

    Most smoked of 2014

    Now that 2014 is over, what was your most smoked brand and blend of the year? Not necessarily your favorite, but the one you smoked the most. I'll start: Most smoked blend: GLP Triple Play (always have an open tin of Triple Play or Jacknife Plug at hand). Most smoked brand: Gawith Hoggarth &...
  8. Wet Dottle

    Would you like some Kendal Dark?

    I love it, but gives me the hiccups. I have a small bag, maybe between 1 and 1.5 oz, that I would like to give away. Preferably, but not necessarily, to someone that never tried Kendal Dark. Just post here that you want it and later tonight I will pick a winner using
  9. Wet Dottle


    The bulk bags were received in an earlier package and already have 3 or 4 oz missing, each. Today, waiting for me was the Arko stick and the Elizabethan Mix. Thanks, PB. You know how to treat a brother right. I hope you didn't throw your back on the way to the post office.
  10. Wet Dottle

    Shaving soap recommendation

    I need shaving soap recommendations. I've been using shave creams exclusively for the last 20 years and would now like to try some of the good stuff there is out there. The key words are GOOD STUFF. Nothing too hard to lather for a beginner soap shaver. Thanks.
  11. Wet Dottle


    A real gentleman and a pleasure to do business with. He's one of the best.
  12. Wet Dottle

    4th of July Giveaway WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Having been the lucky recipient of PB’s and Ken’s (Pipetongue) generosity in recent days, I am doing a PIF giveaway as a form of thanking these guys for their friendship (posthumously in Ken’s case, even if I never met him except through these forums) and their support for BoB. The prize is some...
  13. Wet Dottle

    THIS IS DONE: To a good home: 4th Generation 1957

    I have one free tin of this blend. The tin is open and I took one bowlful from it. If anyone wants it, just post here an "I'll take it" message and pm me your address. First message wins. Sorry, but this offer is for CONUS addresses only. I don't know how I'm going to mail this: I may send the...
  14. Wet Dottle

    McClelland Stave Aged Virginia

    I was looking forward to try this new series from McClelland, i.e., the new blends with a piece of cask in the tin. They come with a little cube of charred white oak that is supposed to come from a barrel used to age Bourbon. I read with anticipation. Unfortunately, my...
  15. Wet Dottle

    Louisiana Flake

    Never tried it, but got a few ounces on a dare. I read it has a flavoring of some kind. Will it ghost my pipes?
  16. Wet Dottle

    House of Calabash

    I just came across this site, but I've heard very little about the blender (Steven Brooks) and nothing about the the blends. There are no reviews on The blends are a bit expensive (some of them more than just a bit). Did anyone try them? If so, are they really worth the price?
  17. Wet Dottle

    Park Lane Tobacconist

    Did any of you order from them? How was the service? I am thinking about trying their house blends, but has very few entries. Any recommendations? Read a lot of good things about Red Paramour, but I'm especially curious about their version of Bengal Slices. Any suggestions...
  18. Wet Dottle

    Cleaning clogged airways

    I have a couple of pipes that, with time, have a build up of carbon in the airways. They are canadians and have a long shank. I would like to clear the airway myself, possibly with a drill bit and hand vise. Do you guys know what size drill should I get? And where can I find long drill bits, say...
  19. Wet Dottle

    Bob Runowski's blends

    Can someone tell me what C&D blends were developed by Bob Runowski? I also read some time ago that Bob had come up with something to replace ERR. I think it was a mixture of SWR and some other blend. Does anyone remember the recipe? Thanks for the help
  20. Wet Dottle

    Slicing Jacknife Plug...

    Had my first encounter with Jacknife Plug today and have a question. I was expecting a plug but I think that I got a crumble cake instead. When slicing the plug, the slices just kept coming undone and I was unable to have a single neat and tidy slice like those appearing in the label. I smoke...