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  1. the macdonald

    WTS Karl Erick EKSTRAVAGANT and Dunhill "pot billiard"

    Thank you brother Brewdude. No takers yet?
  2. the macdonald

    WTS Karl Erick EKSTRAVAGANT and Dunhill "pot billiard"

    Hello Brothers, I've been in here for a long time but I have been mainly inactive in the past few years.  I have a collection mainly consisting Italians, but a few Danes, English, etc., I am considering selling. For these, I took a reasonable (I think) guess at prices.  If you think I am...
  3. the macdonald

    How often do you self censor?

    Good topic! I don't post a lot here, but online or face to face, I find I have to self sensor more lately. Online, more so because I don't see the value in attempting to win an electronic pissing match with someone who might be an expert or mental patient. In real life, lately I'm...
  4. the macdonald

    Do you remember your first pipe tobacco?

    My first pipe was a tiny, crappy meerschaum Indian head. The tobacco was some sort of "roll your own" cigarette tobacco. It was the worst ever. I clearly had no clue what I was doing. My first actual pipe tobacco experience was a Dr Gabrow meer lined, with some Capt Black. I smoked the...
  5. the macdonald

    What are you smoking?

    ...some well aged Penzance in a Radice 25th anniversary pipe.
  6. the macdonald

    Non-cased pipe tobacco

    I fell your pain to some extent.  I've been smoking for 10+ years and anything with a more than a touch of VA's irritates my mouth a little.  I figure I am just sensitive to it and smoke mainly Balkan and some English. These treat me well and I like 'em.  I love Orientals but most of them are...
  7. the macdonald


    You sir are utterly daft! I am roughly 34% juniper berry. Beefeater tastes like bilge after Blue Coat, or Hendricks...ironically I just ate beef but with a chaser of Blue Coat Gin.
  8. the macdonald

    Where the turkeys go when It's 95 degrees out.

    PD, I wish I could send you my English Bulldog Satchmo Catguts MacDonald. He is a expert turkey terrify-er. He makes a fast sweeping arc across our yard to get them up against the hedges and then plows through them as they bounce off the hedges trying to take off. He only has 30 seconds...
  9. the macdonald

    First Pipe in...I dont know how long

    I'm annoyed I missed the typo, then attempted to fix it with another, and got called out along the way. Ironically, marketing often sends me copy to proofread. Latakia makes me sensitive I guess. I the forum well, I have been here a long time, but mainly a lurker these days. The pipe...
  10. the macdonald

    First Pipe in...I dont know how long

    thank you for reminding me how petty this forum can be over a typo.
  11. the macdonald

    First Pipe in...I dont know how long

    Its a pleasant Friday morning here in the suburb that only naps.  Life has been extremely good lately, with the exception that I have not had an urge for a pipe in a very long time...until this morning.  It has been a cigar filled summer, but with some chill in the air it just seemed right.    ...
  12. the macdonald

    Hair Tonics, Creams, Pomades, etc.

    I actually landed on Royal Crown pomade long before any retro grooming interest. I am blessed with a wild Scotch-fro that eve trimmed short is a natural mess. I did Murray's but I hated to unwashableness of it. RC keeps me neat, keep dandruff non-existent and as a side benefit these days...
  13. the macdonald

    What is a good brand of dress shoe?

    Like everyone else said, the best long term bang for your buck is Allen Edmound.  I always favored eye-talian shoes, they're lighter, and all feel like slippers, but still look good, but they don't last.  I burn through soles.  I work in a leather soled world, and now can't (in my own head) be...
  14. the macdonald

    What are you driving?

    Sort of a crappy photo, but if you see a mojito green 72 caddy coupe get out the way! It blows a brake line every spring.
  15. the macdonald

    All you brothers in in the big NE storm please check in here

    Ahoy from Nor' CT! We have a solid 2 1/2 ft. with drifts that double that. Spent the day shoveling the driveway and top half of the deck. I think I will crack a tin of Westminster to while away the evening.
  16. the macdonald

    Who knew our friend Mr. Pease...

    I've had those petite Boli's...true art in a little stick. The thing people forget with CC is they need to age some. Non-Cuban cigars makers age their stock so they're ready to smoke today, Cuba often doesn't.
  17. the macdonald

    Cigar Costs

    No affiliation here, but cigarbid has been very, very good to me. I am an Oliva fan and there are always steals to be had there with a little patients.
  18. the macdonald

    Ole Lang's pipe--or what a difference a year makes

    Kyle, I know the feeling firsthand of just flat out wishing for some sort of "win." Something that brought me through that time (my for-shyte year was 2011) was this little habit I developed. When times are tough, people tend to get more and more negative. The way to break that cycle...
  19. the macdonald

    Ole Lang's pipe--or what a difference a year makes

    YES! The money has a much needed new car purchase at the forefront of my mind. I havebeen running that grand ol lady for 12 years, she deserves retirement. My wall of text sounds a little bragard, but I was trying to say only that I am grateful for the good fortune.
  20. the macdonald

    Ole Lang's pipe--or what a difference a year makes

    A year ago today, I was unemployed, struggling to figure out what to do with myself. I had made a stupid (in hindsight) career move in 2011. I was an independant "headhunter" for financial service firms all over the country. I went to a recruiting firm that promised the world and delivered...