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  1. 0ldManJenkins

    'Restoring' a no-name estate.

    I ordered a couple clay pipes on ebay..   There were two little clay pipes, and two 'wood' pipes.  I bought it just for the clay, because they looked like fun (and it is.) ~$13 including shipping, seemed OK to try the two clay pipes. One of the wood pipes was like an MM Ozark in shape but not...
  2. 0ldManJenkins

    Non System Brigham?

    I picked up this pipe on eBay recently, and enjoyed a few bowls of Virginia with it this weekend.   I really like it. But I'm not sure if I know exactly what I've got my hands on.  It does say Brigham, and the lettering looks to me, like the lettering on Pipedia for Brigham pipes: But it...
  3. 0ldManJenkins

    Growing collection.

    There is really only one reason to post such images as these:   At some point in the future, when I have a few dozen tobaccos and a half dozen pipes  :?: , it'll be a nice comparison. About a month ago. A few weeks ago. Today. I'm up to 3 briars, the last two being really cheap estate...
  4. 0ldManJenkins

    pipe filters

    This might be a common question, but I didn't see the it directly mentioned. What is the purpose of a filter? I have a Missouri Meershaum pipe, and it came with a filter, and from the descriptions, most if not all their pipes have them. It appears to be not much more than a rolled up piece...
  5. 0ldManJenkins

    Greetings from North Florida Newb.

    New to tobacco in general, I've smoked a few cigars, but that's about it. But, about a year ago, my wife and I stopped by a little smoke shop, picked up a couple cigars, and on a whim, I bought a cheap wood pipe ($20) and a couple ounces of flavored (?) Tobacco. I smoked a bowl occasionally...