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    Aged tobacco lost its flavor

    I will probably try mixing in some fresher tobacco to see what happens, I like both versions of Royal Yacht.
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    Aged tobacco lost its flavor

    Those are some good points, and my taste buds certainly could have changed, however my newer tins taste like they are supposed to. I love Royal Yacht fresh, but it is already becoming difficult to find, and I already have a number of tins. I think even with older tins (like 15-20 years) the...
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    Aged tobacco lost its flavor

    The tobacco is still perfectly moist, it went right to a mason jar after I opened the tin. It still tastes ok, like aged Virginia, just not what it was when I first opened the tin...flat is the best way I can describe it.
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    Aged tobacco lost its flavor

    I have a Murray's era Dunhill Royal Yacht tin that I have had stored in a mason jar after opening that seems to have gone flat. I have been nursing the tin and every bowl was great until several months ago, at which point it seems to have lost a fair amount of that special Royal Yacht...
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    Latakia shortage?

    That's what I read too, I should have been more clear.
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    Latakia shortage?

    They are running out of Syrian Latakia.
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    Dunhill Tobaccos Doomed

    London Mixture and Royal Yacht are two of my favorite blends; while there are blends similar to London Mixture, Royal Yacht is unique.  I really love the Dunhill ribbon-cut in many other brands/blends look fish food in comparison.
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    Dunhill My Mixture 221b Baker St.

    I bought a couple of tins of the re-released version recently.  I won't attempt to review it, but I'll try to articulate a couple of observations.  The topping has been described as similar to Royal Yacht and Three Year Matured Virginia.  I have smoked pounds of the former but none of the latter...
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    Peretti's Thanksgiving Blend

    I just ordered one for the first time as well as some Royal and D-9575. I love American English blends and am hoping the 9575 will work for me.
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    Best bright/golden Virginia blend?

    I do like Dunhill Flake as well as Union Square and Astley's #44...and Best Brown Flake.
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    Best bright/golden Virginia blend?

    Thank you for the suggestions. I had a really good one a few years ago that was a house blend from the Tinderbox in Charleston that the owner of the shop recommended to me; I finally got around to calling them the other day and ask what it was, but it's out of business!
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    Best bright/golden Virginia blend?

    I was smoking Brown Flake unscented in a cob today and it reminded me how much I like that hay/grass flavor of a bright Virginia, especially in a cob. I haven't smoked Golden Sliced in a long time and thus can't remember if this scratched that itch...any suggestions? I'm not really into...
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    New Dunhill Releases

    Well I purchased a couple of tins of the 221b and they were "in stock" at the time, the other two blends were sold out. I guess I'll know in a few days if they actually exist.
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    Unfinished Savinelli Before and After

    Nice pipes. I would like to find one with a lucite stem, but haven't seen one in a couple of years.
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    GLP Triple Play

    I want to try Triple Play and Cumberland as I really enjoyed the tin of JackKnife Plug RR I had, just haven't gotten around to them yet.
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    Dunhill Ready Rubbed

    Yes, that's what I meant, I plan on trying it but I think it's still only available at smokingpipes and I haven't gotten around to placing an order and my local tobacconist had Ready Rubbed in stock.
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    Dunhill Ready Rubbed

    I just purchased a tin and have only smoked a few bowls, but so far it reminds me of a Dutch Cavendish like Skandinavik regular, with a hint of berry flavor. Anyone else tried this? How does it compare to the new Three Year Aged Virginia?
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    WTF (penzance rant)

    I can't get past the burnt rubber taste I get every time I smoked it...and yes, I am familiar with the taste of actual burning y'all don't need to worry about me trying to buy it(no offense to everyone who enjoys it). I do wish Tilbury was easier to get though.
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    Savinelli Punto Oro natural coral finish

    It's the 101, a chubby billiard. I'm rather boring in regards to pipe shapes, virtually all of my pipes are straight billiards. I believe they all have vulcanite stems, and although I usually prefer lucite, I will keep this one as-is unless it starts to distract me.