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  1. Dillon

    Beverages That Work Well With the Pipe?

    Typically strong (1 scoop per cup) black coffee for me, hot black tea, iced sweet tea or water can substitute if I'm twonked on caffeine already. Scotch and whisky are okay, but it's been a while since I've had any. For some reason I can't drink beer with a pipe--it feels weird and throws off...
  2. Dillon

    Peterson Old Dublin - too much?

    Old Dublin is a great one--it was my #2 favorite a couple years back and this thread is making me consider buying a new tin. I agree with Brewdude on the Peterson blends. All but one (Gold Blend) of theirs that I've tried is a little heavier than normal, but I love them, and I found OD in...
  3. Dillon

    Another Missouri Meerschaum Churchwarden

    Looking good. I bought a MacArthur about a month ago that I still haven't smoked, and this post made me realize I would be making a churchwarden (which I've wanted for a while) out of it, so I might as well do it.
  4. Dillon


    I had a tin of this a few years ago, liked it a lot. Great well-rounded kind of Oriental/English hybrid with a good amount of Lat if I remember correctly.
  5. Dillon

    What's your favorite beer?

    My go-to beers are High Life, Pabst, and Budweiser Original. Can't beat the first two for about $4.50 for a six-pack or $1.20 for a 40oz. It's not great, but it's definitely drinkable. My all-time favorites I've ever had though are Schneider Weisse (Hefeweizen, had it in Germany, it's a small...
  6. Dillon

    What are you smoking?

    Just finished a small bowl of straight Latakia in my Dr. Grabow Grand Duke, now packing 3P's into a 1/8th bent basket flake pipe.
  7. Dillon

    packing a pipe

    Lighting is something I believe everyone is going to think about too much. I did, and as a result pipe smoking wasn't half as enjoyable as it should've been at least half the time. It probably takes a lot of people a lot of practice to master the three-layered "Traditional" method, which I say...
  8. Dillon

    What Are You Reading?

    Yesterday I started on Und Sagte Kein Einziges Wort from Heinrich Böll. The English version is titled And Never Said A Word. It's about a man working in a telephone company soon after the end of WWII in Germany who left his wife and children when he got fed up with being poor in order to be poor...
  9. Dillon

    What are you smoking?

    Peterson's Perfect Plug for the first time in a straight MM Country Gentleman to get a "true" taste before I try it in a briar. I'm amazed at how well this lights and stays lit after being rubbed.
  10. Dillon

    Any tips on how to smoke a MacArthur?

    I don't think I have a dowel available per se, but I have flat-ended pens I could use, and a fully extended Czech tool will reach all the way to the bottom. I guess there really isn't an easy lighting solution for them--I'll just have to work on my rhythm and keeping a light.
  11. Dillon

    Southern writers

    Just about anything from Cormac McCarthy, if you can stomach it. Child of God is about a necrophiliac mountain man in Tennessee, and his most famous novel before The Road, Suttree, is about a lone fisherman on the Tennessee River in Knoxville. McCarthy was born in Rhode Island and sets most of...
  12. Dillon

    Things to do in Zurich (and maybe the rest of Europe too)

    If/when you're in Germany, and you get good weather, go to a pub/cafe in the afternoon and sit outside and people watch with a drink and a smoke. If you're worrying about anything at that point, you're doing it wrong. The German countryside as seen from a train or along the autobahn is really...
  13. Dillon

    Any tips on how to smoke a MacArthur?

    Today I bought a bent MacArthur at a B&M and was wondering if anyone here has experience with MacArthurs and can tell me a little about, ah, how to smoke it? I'm really curious about how I can best pack, relight, and tamp it and clean out the dottle. Thanks in advance!
  14. Dillon

    Hello again

    Thanks everyone! @Natch: German Language and Literature. Just the skill every employer is looking for. @Metropolmodern: I smoked Carter Hall (I have a big plastic tub of it that's at least two years old) in my Peterson System 309.
  15. Dillon

    What are you drinking?

    Right now sipping on Jameson's neat while working through a six-pack of Shock Top. Both are pretty good (Shock Top reminds me a lot of the Hefeweizens I drank in Germany), but the combo is definitely strange. I just bought the whiskey yesterday for the first time, and it's not disappointing. :)
  16. Dillon

    Hello again

    I've been away for a while and also stopped smoking pipes for most of that time. Now I'm back into it, and feel like being part of the forum again. The last time you heard from me I was an exchange student in Germany--unfortunately that time had to end, and I came back stateside to finish my...
  17. Dillon

    The Franck Method

    I used to use the Franck method pretty often. Any other way I just couldn't really do correctly, and the Franck method the result was consistent and hardly ever too tight. Now I mostly stuff-n-puff or dip into a bag, tamping a little as I scoop to get a good amount.
  18. Dillon

    What are you snuffing?

    My curiosity about snuff was peaked a few days ago, and yesterday I tried it for the first time, and found I really like this snuff stuff. All day yesterday I was snuffing Ozona English-Mentol Type, and today it's Löwen-Prise. I'm also trying Kensington Luxury English, but it's just kind of...
  19. Dillon

    Brotherhood of Briar

    I do kind of feel like I'm in an exclusive club. It's not to say I trust my life to anyone who smokes a pipe, but pipe-smoking for me has proven to be a way to connect personally with other people the way many other things in life don't prove so well at doing, like being a college kid, or a...
  20. Dillon

    Do you actually rotate?

    No real rotation, but I try not to smoke the same pipe more than once a day. I have 10 pipes, and smoke about four bowls a day. One of my pipes is dedicated to latakia and very heavy VA blends, in the other nine I smoke light-heavy VAs, and this represents my tobacco preferences pretty well...