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    Savinelli Trevi 602 horrible taste

    This is the second pipe I bought lately, first was a Peterson I removed the bowl coating as recommended here and it is fine now the Savinelli new purchase taste like lacquer thinner, only did three bowls of English , no joy, the stem is ok . ‘I removed the bowl crap but still smells line...
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    Peterson Dublin Edition silver color band

    I picked up the above pipe oval stumel and bit . No recess at end of bit just a hole strange to me. And how long to break this in it tastes like crap. Tried Orlik Golden slices. GLP quiet nights, GLP Chelsea morning . Any ideas thanks Dave
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    Seattle plum pudding

    Any tips how to pack this tobacco, I have trouble keeping it lit. Thanks
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    air tight

    Does anyone make a air tight travel container about 50 gr or 2 oz thanks
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    New from Colorado

    A new old guy back picking up the pipe after a long hiatus, back enjoying it again