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  1. JimInks

    Jim's Revised Heinrichs Curly Block Review.

    I'm posting my original review followed by my current review of the latest production of Curly Bock since STG now produces it. Mac Baren was the original producer. The Virginias are very earthy, bready and woody with a fair amount and variety of sweet fermented flavors: brown sugar, tangy...
  2. JimInks

    Jim's Three Nuns Reviews.

    Occasionally, I am asked about Three Nuns, so I decided to rewrite my review, which is fairly long. I detail the three versions I have smoked, and compare them in this review. The Yellow and Green Three Nuns blends, which are later manufactures, and are using the Three Nuns name on the label are...
  3. JimInks

    Archie Comics' Editor Victor Gorelick Has Passed.

    Victor Gorelick was my Archie Comics editor for over twenty years. He made working for the company easy and fun. He trusted me with tight deadlines many, many times, saying "I can always depend on you". When I needed extra work, he was there to help me. When I came to him for professional...
  4. JimInks

    Jim's Amphora English Review.

    This Amphora English blend is due for general release in the next week or two. Here's my review of it. The earthy, woody, smoky, leathery sweet Cyprian Latakia is the lead component, but not by much. The spicy, woody, earthy, mildly floral, dry and sour, moderately buttery sweet Orientals...
  5. JimInks

    Peterson 4AB.

    As some of you may know, the Peterson 4AB model was the one Basil Rathbone smoked in the Universal Sherlock Holmes movies. This model hasn't been made in many decades, but I know quite a number of Sherlock Holmes' fans want one. Not long ago, I talked with a couple of people at Laudisi...
  6. JimInks

    Mac Baren Takes Over Planta Blends.

    Mac Baren Tobacco is pleased to announce an agreement to acquire the outstanding brands from Planta Tabak-Manufactur’s traditional portfolio. “We are very proud to have completed the acquisition of the pipe and finecut tobacco business of Planta Tabak-Manufaktur,” said Mac Baren CEO Simon Sophus...
  7. JimInks

    Per Jensen's You Tube Channel.

    Mac Baren master blender Per Jensen has started up his own You Tube channel, independent of Mac Baren. Here's a link to the first video: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/kTfXWpgOhps" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe>
  8. JimInks

    JimInks Podcast.

    This Saturday at 10:30 pm, I'll be interviewed about old time radio and comic books. Here's the link: http://yesterdayusa.com/?fbclid=IwAR0cOJ7qQexMo_Gj9EXmMXR_QKDA9LkMzHvvjhASc4Q6Csv2lW-6Mw11bhE
  9. JimInks

    Mail Bomb Week.

    Two and a half tubs of EGR (a full one from at least 15 years ago and a half one from at least 10 years ago, plus a newer one), a tin each of JC Double Pressed Va. and Double Pressed Kentucky, a pouch of Amphora Burley and two tins of Wessex Burley Slices. And I'm waiting for my part of a trade...
  10. JimInks

    JimInks Interviewed.

    Mike Murphy interviewed me for his latest podcast about comics and pipe tobacco, but entirely ducked the subject of world domination. Oh well... perhaps next time! Hope you'll tune in a listen. I haven't even heard it yet...
  11. JimInks

    Jim's Watch City Simply Red Review.

    Simply Red is a good name, but this is not a simple blend. There are several different shades of red (from light to medium to black) with a little orange in this ribbon cut Virginia product. Some of the reds are obviously processed differently. I believe there’s a little stoved red in the mix...
  12. JimInks

    Sutliff Dunhill Match Name Changes.

    So far, two of the Sutliff Dunhill Match blends have had name changes. Match 965 is now Match 20. Match Elizabethan is now Match Victoria. I wonder when the other names will be changed? I think it's not hard to figure out why it is happening, but if copyright is the issue, Dunhill sure has taken...
  13. JimInks

    A Personal Look At Spider-Man Co-Creator Steve Ditko.

    I thought some comics fans here who know Ditko's work might find this interesting: https://popculturesquad.com/2019/03/16/steve-ditko-inside-his-studio-sanatorium/?fbclid=IwAR2I4XBRbTH0UJwmRB6DvZs2Ow7dHdvaksoYv3htdAFjUwNus0ztsCPsZ1w
  14. JimInks

    Surprise Gifts.

    I did a favor for a friend, and he unexpectedly repaid the favor by gifting me tins of C&D Red Flake, Sansepolcro, and Dunhill Navy Rolls, plus a pack of pipe cleaners. Nice surprise! :D
  15. JimInks

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Now smoking GLP Cumberland in a 2018 smooth straight flame grain Basil Meadows Merchant Service "Bing" replica with an aluminum band and black ebonite stem. Smoked this blend when it first came on the market years ago, and the tobacco was so young, it was virtually tasteless. I'm glad to try it...
  16. JimInks

    1970s Ellery Queen TV Series in Public Domain.

    I can't imagine how that show was allowed to go into the public domain. You'd think it'd be kept in copyright. Anyway, you can go here and watch the Jim Hutton series for free: https://archive.org/details/ElleryQueenSeries
  17. JimInks

    Pipes & Tobacco Magazine To End.

    I just spoke with Cliff Nelson, the editor of P&T, and he told me that the Spring issue will be the final issue. Very sad news.
  18. JimInks

    Jim's Revised Peretti's Park Square Review.

    This is a review of the original version of Park Square that was comprised of McClelland tobaccos. The red, stoved and matured Virginias are tangy, dark fruit sweet with a mild fermented sugar fruit from the stoved, along with a bit of earth. The red Virginia is slightly more noticeable than the...
  19. JimInks

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Last smoke of the day is Sutliff Flying Dutchman Match in a slight bend black sandblasted Lorenzo Elba Imperia 8636 with an amber colored acrylic saddle stem. Going to read some of the Bing bio.
  20. JimInks

    Stan Lee Has Passed Away.

    Been gone all day and found out listening to the car radio that Stan Lee had passed. The subject of his life and career is a very complicated one, and I shall not delve into that now. I'll just say my personal experiences, including working for him, were all positive. Good bye Stan.