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  1. Zeno Marx

    Dental Bill for $2200+

    This was a few years ago, but because I paid for my own dental work at the time, it still nags me. In one year, the exact same annual appointment went up 240%. But then I was able to get dental insurance. I had three choices, so I called my office to get some advice and to see which one they...
  2. Zeno Marx

    bees & honey

    Anyone have a preference as to where to buy bulk honey online? I usually buy it 2 or 5 LBs at a time at the local grocery store, which is supplied by an in-state beekeeper, but they don't offer buckwheat honey and some other things I'd like to try. I was looking at Raw Honey, Honey and Bee...
  3. Zeno Marx

    Having A Cup of Tea

    Have you tried Lapsang Souchong? If you're a fan of latakia, or smokiness in general, it might be something to try. It's my favorite kind of tea. It's not for every occasion, but it definitely has a place.
  4. Zeno Marx

    The Elusive Character of Balkan Sobranie

    Isn't one of the big missing components Syrian latakia? I believe they were talking about it being in short supply even in the 1990s.
  5. Zeno Marx

    I know a guy who argues over facts

    recent brush with this... I guess snow melts the quickest when fog and dew point hit some level. I've heard this a couple times now, both on the Weather Channel and the occasional weather search. "That's not true. I've never heard of such a thing. It's the sun." "Hey, buddy. I didn't say...
  6. Zeno Marx

    What's your favorite coffee?

    Was given a 14oz (screw you and your less-than 1LB bag) of Trader Joe's Shade Grown Ground Espresso Blend. Came from Amazon. Opened the bag to no smell. No aroma when brewing. Honestly, it tastes like Folgers, or at least how I remember Folgers tasting. All these glowing reviews. I know I...
  7. Zeno Marx

    Rating your pipes

    This made me concoct this situation. Early in 2020, I bought another pipe from my favorite maker in a shape that is one of my favorite shapes, regardless of maker. Paid a below average price for it as well. Mighty expectations, to say the least. It's not much of a smoker for a couple reasons...
  8. Zeno Marx

    Corn Cob Pipes

    No new information, but a new TV piece on MM from Ag Web. A web article that is taken from the video you'll find at the bottom of this link. https://www.agweb.com/article/missouri-pipe-company-continues-bring-iconic-corn-cob-pipes-life
  9. Zeno Marx

    Burley questions

    Have you tried Daughters & Ryan Picayune? It's heavy on the burley (perique included), and though it has a unique taste, I think it could appeal to a cigar adjacent smoker. I love it in a cob, too.
  10. Zeno Marx

    Value tobaccos..??? are they really for pipes?

    And they make some darn tasty tobaccos. Picayune is a favorite, and I can't imagine smoking a cigarette of it, though it is an old cigarette blend. It a cob in particular, it is sublime.
  11. Zeno Marx

    $8.25 oz. "on sale": Squadron Leader

    people have their things and priorities. I try not to judge. Some will gladly pay $200 for white T-shirt and feel it is absolutely worth it. When I pay more than $4 for an undershirt, I wondery why. If I had the money, I wouldn't hesitate to invest $20K into a stereo system, while never...
  12. Zeno Marx

    What Do You Do With Tobacco You Will Never Smoke

    Very cool of you, RSteve. I know the area. It must be brutal at times. I age it for another time, when I might possible have a shift in taste, or I blend it all together and make a bastard blend. I might have a total of 6oz, so it isn't worth shipping anywhere.
  13. Zeno Marx

    What pipe tobacco did you discover in 2020?

    I think it was this year? Possibly last? I'm no good with time, but a kind BoB user included some HU samples, and I've been blown away. Unfortunately, they're mighty expensive. If things were a little different, I'd be begging folk on the board to go in on a bulk order with me. Truly...
  14. Zeno Marx

    Match Presbyterian

    I've received the wrong tobacco from said vendor. Contacted them (I think I called). They gladly replaced it. Maybe you received the wrong thing?
  15. Zeno Marx

    keep track of tobacco prices?

    When I used to jar up my bulk tobacco, I would include the price per ounce on my labels. I got lazy about it a couple big purchases ago and didn't do it. Does anyone keep track of what their favorite tobaccos cost and how much they go up each year? I'm curious about Stokkebye in particular...
  16. Zeno Marx

    help identifying pipe maker, please

    nevermind, found his post
  17. Zeno Marx

    help identifying pipe maker, please

    I don't own the pipe. It's from a video. I can't supply more information. Thanks for trying, everyone. It looks to be a decent pipe, but who knows?
  18. Zeno Marx

    This Poker thing is getting out of hand.

    Nice. Where's the manifest? Feel like telling us what they all are? I only recognize a couple of them by finish etc.
  19. Zeno Marx

    help identifying pipe maker, please

    Google, P&C, Smokingpipes...I couldn't find a stem marker like this. Anyone help me with this? I'm more curious than anything. Thanks.
  20. Zeno Marx

    Snooty Tobacconists and Exploring a New Hobby

    You could be running into something other than snootiness. Pipers are opinionated. Pipers are strongly opinionated. People with strong opinions tend to lack the ability to get out of the way of themselves, so when they genuinely want to be helpful, their own biases get in the way of it all...