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  1. wij

    The generosity of Navy Flake

    I am so blown away with the generosity and thoughtfulness of Navy Flake.  He has been helpful to me as I'm learning about pipes and tobacco.  So he really went out of his way to send me some very hard to find tobaccos so that I could try them before I dropped a wad of cash buying some.  As a my...
  2. wij

    Picking a Pipe Shape

    Seeing that I'm too new to pipes to even be considered a nubie, I have a question on pipe shapes. There are so many shapes and I have no idea what I like yet. How do you pick a shape when buying pipes? Is it because you like the look of it or the way it feels in your hand? Is is that you...
  3. wij

    Hello from the Carolinas

    I've been a cigar smoker for many many years built my own humidor and filled it with some nice cigars. This past Christmas a colleague of mine gave me a tin of pipe tobacco from him personal cellar and I've just started to enjoy smoking a pipe. Obviously, I'm as new to pipes and pipe tobacco...