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  1. ftrplt

    The Elusive Character of Balkan Sobranie

    I should have added that all three pouches (only one to a customer I might add!!) had already sold by the time I opened Pipestuds consignment site!!!!
  2. ftrplt

    The Elusive Character of Balkan Sobranie

    Back on subject...Yeah, like it just a little bit!! Jar on right is from a 2008 trade/buy from a Bob cleaning out his stash pile!!! The tobacco is much older, he just could not remember exactly when he bought it!! Jar on left is from 12 pouches I bought when working in Johannesburg, South Africa...
  3. ftrplt

    Another modified Cob

    Nice job, Mikem!!!!!!! FTRPLT
  4. ftrplt

    A Remote Chance to Get CV19 Vaccinated

    Seems to be the same dang near everywhere!!! Too many people, not near enough doses. Plus nearly all who have gotten their first "jab" must have the second one within 21 or 28 days!! So that drains off more doses for everyone else!! And, yes, the so called "signup" systems are totally AFU!!! The...
  5. ftrplt

    Two packages today.

    The two Peter Stokkebye's are on my favs list, especially Proper English!! Good stuff to have around!!!! FTRPLT
  6. ftrplt

    First try at Shrimp Creole

    Great recipe!! I use something similar, using red & yellow pepper/s instead of green (wiffy and I don't like green pepper!!). I sometimes use two or more seafood choices just for a little variety. I slightly prefer mine over pasta or egg noodles; she prefers rice. And, yes, the seafood goes in...
  7. ftrplt

    What A Day!

    Get'in old ain't fun, but it does beat the alternative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FTRPLT
  8. ftrplt


    How does the world operate with no CH and/or PA??????? FTRPLT
  9. ftrplt


    I guess I better be conservative with these...or wait for their prices to escalate beyond the stratosphere!! LOL!! FTRPLT
  10. ftrplt

    I couldn't leave well enough alone.

    I likes it!!!! Good job, Mike!!!! The slight bent to the bit sounds great!! FTRPLT
  11. ftrplt

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    That is one good looking Stanwell, Sid!!!! FTRPLT
  12. ftrplt

    Curious About Injections

    Good point!! So I asked my better half, the RN, about it plus my bother-in-law and nephew (both Drs.). Consensus was that the guns just were not used in civilian environs. They are expensive to buy and maintain. FWIW FTRPLT
  13. ftrplt


    Hey Cobbie, P&C's "Chatham Manor" is a pretty good "match" for CH!! Might give it a try! FWIW FTRPLT
  14. ftrplt

    A Demise of Aromatics?

    Jay-Eff-Cee!! And the Smoke Nazis keep goose stepping down the street!! I'm so glad all these people are looking out after my best interests! LOL!! FTRPLT
  15. ftrplt

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Mother nature finally cooperated, allowing me a first smoke of 2021!! 2-year-old Embarcadero in an Askwith sandblast bent. FTRPLT
  16. ftrplt


    Can't go wrong with one of Ron's creations (said the owner of three!!)!! FTRPLT
  17. ftrplt

    What A Day!

    Time for a good round of physical therapy???? Been there, done that!!! Get to feelin' better! FTRPLT
  18. ftrplt

    A nice view.

    Bloody beautiful that one is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FTRPLT
  19. ftrplt

    Ya ever have one of those days?

    Yep!! It's called "being in a funk!!" or "having the blahs!" I have to change venues/go for a walk (with pipe!!)/drive somewhere (do errands, even if not necessary!); anything to clear my head! Maybe just step outside and take a few really deep breathes of cold, crisp air. Hope you get to...
  20. ftrplt

    Eltang in today

    Dat's one beautiful pipe!!!!! FTRPLT