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  1. ftrplt

    Sign In

    Seems I'm having to sign-in on a frequent basis the last few weeks (such as just now!). I've checked all the boxes, dotted the "i's," and crossed the "t's." Any thoughts/comments from those "in the know??" :cheers: FTRPLT
  2. ftrplt

    Briarbabe is 41!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!! Come back and visit sometime :cheers: FTRPLT
  3. ftrplt

    Denholrl is older today!!

    75!!! Older than me!! Happy Birthday!! Come round and visit more often!! :cheers: FTRPLT
  4. ftrplt

    Huffelpuff is 50!!

    A mere lad of 50!! Happy Birthday!! :cheers: FTRPLT
  5. ftrplt

    Happy Holidays

    Yes, I know it's a bit early, but SWMBO and I are departing in the morning on a two-week Christmas & New Years jaunt to visit family in Maryland and North Carolina. Pipes and 'baccy are going with me, of course :D :D My best wishes to all for a wonderful Holiday season!! Merry Christmas and a...
  6. ftrplt

    Attoning for my absence!

    The last two weeks or so have been hectic as hell for my better half and me! Family emergencies, travel, Turkey Day visit/s, etc., etc. To all the birthdays I have missed, I sincerely apologize and wish one and all a great Big Happy Birthday!! For others with health challenges, I wish you a...
  7. ftrplt


    Let us not forget that 18 years ago roughly 3,000 of our brothers and sisters went to work in New York City, and a while later had to decide whether to perish in a flaming inferno or jump to their deaths. Others got to ride to their deaths in the back of airliners flown by crazy fanatics intent...
  8. ftrplt

    Yarnspinner's birthday!!

    Yarnie, where ye be??? Happy Birthday :cheers: FTRPLT
  9. ftrplt

    P&C TAD

    I tried not to, but I couldn't overcome my weakness for a deal!! 5x tins DH Standard (on sale $7.99, if you're interested!!) 5 oz. Lane BS-005 bulk (to add to my 15 year-old BS-005!) 8 oz. P&C Match BS-759 (had to try it!!) 5 oz. P&C Match Presbyterian (what's to lose?) Like I really need...
  10. ftrplt

    Cyprian Latweed

    Was checking out "Pipestuds" auction this morning when his blog on the (possible) situation with Cyprian Latweed availability caught my eye! Go to his site and read it for yourself. I'm not sure whether to be concerned or not!! :cheers: FTRPLT
  11. ftrplt

    Pipetongue's birthday

    Just noticed that this would have been Kenny's 73rd birthday. Us old guys knew him as "Pipetongue." Great Brother, fine gentleman, and bigtime pipe tobacco accumulator :) :) :) Rest in Peace, old friend :( :( :( FTRPLT
  12. ftrplt

    A tip of the hat...

    To Steve Fallon, aka "Pipestud." I purchased two tobacco tins from Steve about three weeks ago. Upon arrival, the box contained the wrong tins. No big deal, I just called and left him a voicemail. He called me back in about ten minutes confessing that, yes, a goofup had occurred; but not to...
  13. ftrplt

    Bentbulldog is 34!!!!

    Have a great day, you whippersnapper!!!! :cheers: FTRPLT
  14. ftrplt


    The "Hot Sauce" thread got me to wondering if any of you are into mustard?? I am; I love the stuff in all its many concoctions. Google "The Mustard Museum" for all your wants and desires (if any!!). :cheers: FTRPLT
  15. ftrplt

    Perspex stems

    Need a little help/advice from my friends on cleaning these things. I have two that I'm having a "fit" trying to clean out all the nic stain. I've tried thick bristle pipe cleaners, baking soda, Evercleer, dish washing soap, etc. Vinegar is next on the list. Is there something I dare soak them...
  16. ftrplt

    I'm off for a month!!

    Just so no one worries about my lack of board activity, or where I might be, or if I'm lying in a ditch somewhere with a dead rat in my mouth (old military saying!!)...I'm taking a sabbatical/vacation/going "walk about," for about a month. When I'm somewhere with Wi-Fi capability, I may look in...
  17. ftrplt

    Happy Birthday to Mikem!!!

    A shout out to an old, respected Brother!!! Come back to see us!! Happy 61st :cheers: :cheers: FTRPLT
  18. ftrplt

    Birthday greetings to Bent Bulldog!!

    A young lad barely old enough to smoke!!! Have a fine day!! :) :) :cheers: FTRPLT
  19. ftrplt

    Happy Birthday to Speedy Pete!!!

    A mere lad of 72 :P :P Enjoy your special day!!! :cheers: FTRPLT
  20. ftrplt

    Happy Holidays

    I'm heading back to the East Coast in the morning for the holidays and a bowl game: D  However you chose to celebrate this wonderful time of year; I wish you all good health, good cheer, be safe, enjoy several bowls of your favorite 'baccy, and cherish your time with your loved ones!! :santa...