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  1. peanubutter

    What are you listening to?

    So, that Target commercial theme is engrained in my brain, I know I've listened to a bunch of music but can't name a one with that dang theme rummaging about.
  2. peanubutter

    Activities to keep your mind sharp?

    Reading books on-line, research cigars, sit-downs, light up cigars, dog walking, and battling wits with the spouse.
  3. peanubutter

    What are you smokin'?

    A Jamie Garcia reserva especial is now becoming one of my favorites.
  4. peanubutter

    How was your weather today?

    Camping in the Bridger Forest of Wyoming for the summer again and the temps are in the mid-80's.
  5. peanubutter

    Lost Cigar Order

    See my reply below.
  6. peanubutter

    Lost Cigar Order

    The outcome was a successful delivery after 23 days. The shipment made it to Las Vegas, NV in about a week. It then sat there and no updates for another two weeks. The customer service rep indicated that I had selected the 'no rush' option for shipping which indicates 8-12 business days. The...
  7. peanubutter

    Am I 'old school' and, if so, is that a bad thing?

    I have never owned a gun but know how to use them. I keep thinking about getting one but meh.
  8. peanubutter

    Lost Cigar Order

    I have been having delivery issues from CI the last two times, or the delivery company. I did order some cigars directly from Mombacha in Miami in March and no problem. Thanks for the information about CI.
  9. peanubutter

    Lost Cigar Order

    So the CI - UPS tracking shows a hand-off in Vegas on May 1st. I did a USPS tracking on the number and it indicated it only go to Tolleson, AZ. Sent an e-mail to CI and no response so I will be calling them tomorrow and see if I can get a refund. I will probably look for closer vendor from now...
  10. peanubutter

    Lost Cigar Order

    Ordered some sticks on April 19th and they shipped on the 20th. Tracking shows going from PA to NJ to AZ to Las Vegas. Two weeks and still missing. Last tracking update was May 1st for Vegas but no updates since. Oh, they led me on showing arrival last Friday, then Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and...
  11. peanubutter

    What are you smokin'?

    Been busy but found some time for a E.P. Carrillo Encore this morning.
  12. peanubutter

    Fine Wine Artists

    Not sure of new Tom Jones music but I think he is a judge on Britian's Got Talent or something. It's not unusual to hear his music in tv or radio but it seems to still fit in now. Now I have that song in my head.
  13. peanubutter

    Fine Wine Artists

    There are so many artists that I find it difficult to name just one. Vince Gill comes to mind, he was in Pure Prairie League in the 70's. Of course Tom Jones still belting out tunes. Yeah baby, yeah. Schwing!
  14. peanubutter

    How was your weather today?

    Tad bit warmer here in northern AZ. We are seeing 90's this week. A few weeks ago the temp was in the 100s.
  15. peanubutter

    Yesterday sucked!

    Sorry to hear about your dog. We still miss our golden retriever who passed away a few years ago. Luck would have it that our new dog who has been with us for a few years now is great.
  16. peanubutter

    Do You Often Eat In Restaurants?

    We bbq every few days and like the steak burgers from Walmart topped with Jack Daniels with honey and butter sauteed mushrooms and onions. Any cheese works but a caramelized gorgonzola on top is awesome. A date night once or twice a month with the wife, usually one dinner is a place we have been...
  17. peanubutter

    What are you smokin'?

    Nub habano I dug out from my humidor. Forgot how tasty these are.
  18. peanubutter

    chickpea pasta

    I have tried the chickpea pasta and it was okay but not great. The common grocery varieties like American Beauty, Barilla are average in taste and texture. The De Cecco pasta seems to be a notch above the previously mentioned brands. My favorite is Monograno Fellcetiti made in Italy. Using water...
  19. peanubutter

    Smoking vests?

    I tried on a smoking jacket at one of the Boulder, CO smoke fests a few years back. It was really nice but not $350 nice. Those events remind me of the Saprano's shows when they say, "I tried to get out but they keep dragging me back in." Something to that affect.
  20. peanubutter

    Favorite Barbecue Sauce?

    I will need to dig out my recipe book to verify the individual, Bubba?, who has a no tomato bbq sauce that I make. The sauce does have vinegar so along the Carolina type of sauces. My favorite.