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  1. Scallywag

    I Finally Found My Way Back

    Welcome back Harris!
  2. Scallywag

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Some recently acquired Mac Baren #1 from a great member here @KX3 ! Smoking in the Peterson 606 spigot
  3. Scallywag

    Lets have a vote to find a winner!

    These falcons are slick, one day Ill get one
  4. Scallywag

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Best aromatic ever made, wish I had stocked up on that one
  5. Scallywag

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Home blended Oriental in a Savinelli 122
  6. Scallywag

    Are we training ourselves to be attention deficit?

    Totally agree. While most here it’s probably not an issue, but kids 35 and under? Forget it. Unless they had astute parents the damage is done. My wife’s younger brother is 28. He literally, and when I say literally I mean it, cannot go 5 minutes without looking at his phone. His parents did...
  7. Scallywag

    Jim's P&W 515 Review

    @JimInks when you say "floral" do you mean lakeland, or more like the traditional floral like Ernie did in his recent Elf Dandruff blend?
  8. Scallywag

    Straus - Sleepy Hollow

    Wow thread resurrection! One of my seasonal favorites also
  9. Scallywag

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    2009 Tudor Castle, in a Savinelli Silver 413. Perfect mid 60s weather out
  10. Scallywag

    I Went Maskless

    Ok fair enough. It was a good discussion and I do thank you for your service Steve.
  11. Scallywag

    I Went Maskless

    Where did I mention this above? I dont see where I said a cold was as bad as Covid. By "normal circumstances" I meant walking through a supermarket or the like; somewhere out in public with a normal interaction with others. Again, we are talking coughing or sneezing aside, and with most normal...
  12. Scallywag

    I Went Maskless

    Haha, well yes Im not misinformed, that I know. But thats true of literally ANY virus or cold. So yes others could be infected if someone didnt cover up when they sneezed, of course. In normal circumstances it takes a minimum of 10 minutes of close breathing in an enclosed space on...
  13. Scallywag

    TAD strikes again!!!

    I bought 16oz of Newminster 400 from Pipes and Cigars during their sale (how convenient I had an additional birthday coupon to use with their sale) to have a little more aging. Such a great blend
  14. Scallywag

    I Went Maskless

    Once I learned that my mask doesn't protect others, I stopped wearing one unless It was required. We now know that masks protect the wearer, and only N95 style and the like are the only type that protect against Covid-19. Cloth masks and loosely worn masks dont do anything protect a person...
  15. Scallywag

    March 12th…bye bye mask mandate in Oregon.

    No worries! I dont take offense to anything on internet forums. The NCBI article speaks about it, but your right thats just one article. This is also straight from my pediatrician, whom has been practicing for a long time and stays up to date on current events. But I also wont take the time...
  16. Scallywag

    March 12th…bye bye mask mandate in Oregon.

    I encourage everyone to do their own research but from a quick goog search the first one that comes up is from NPR that mentions " Masks can interfere with young children's brain development Numerous...
  17. Scallywag

    March 12th…bye bye mask mandate in Oregon.

    Well, we now know masks protect the wearer, not the other way around. Kids wearing masks doesnt protect adults, the adults masks (which should be an N95 or the like) protect the adult. Im more speaking about kids wearing masks for long periods in schools and such. Firm Data has come out showing...
  18. Scallywag

    March 12th…bye bye mask mandate in Oregon.

    Ours did too last week or so, though I stopped wearing one a couple months ago. Even better our awful governor finally caved and is making masks optional for kids in schools which is just fantastic news. That was one of the worst things in my opinion, was children being forced to mask up to...
  19. Scallywag

    The Me Too Movement

    Sounds like it went well, and she has a sense of humor which i think is very important...