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  1. ScienceSmoker

    I've been making my home blend "Black Balkan" for a while... now I tried adding Perique...

    One of my favorite blends of all time is a pressed home blend I call "Black Balkan". It's basically just equal parts bright Virginia, Stoved Virginia, Smryna, and Latakia. But this time, when it was time to make a new batch of it... I added about ~8% long cut Perique. I put it all in the...
  2. ScienceSmoker

    Hello from Philadelphia

    Hi everyone. I've been a pipe smoker for some years now... but only joined this forum last month. I have way too many pipes, but not enough tobacco. It's never enough tobacco. Also, I'm a voracious reader. I try to read about a book a week, though it usually ends up being about 2 books a...